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PACS: Do zillionaires get to call the shots now?

As a Republican turned Democrat I’ve been aware of the high cost of campaigns but state and national politicians had to adhere to strict campaign donation limits from individuals and organizations.

The Citizens United Supreme Court decision last year changed all that. Now companies are people, and unlimited campaign donations are “free speech.” Google the names of the supporters of Republican presidential candidates: Mitt Romney (Frank VanderSloot), Rick Santorum (Foster “aspirin between the knees” Friess and William Dore), Newt Gingrich (Sheldon Adelson, the anti-union casino owner) and Ron Paul (Libertarian Peter Thiel).

All of these men are hiding under the

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OBAMA: Follow money to predict behavior

Dana Milbank’s article, “Understanding Obama: It’s . . . complicated” (TNT, 4-28), is correct. If you study the complicated language of social psychologists and economists specializing in behavior and emotions, it seems nearly impossible to understand, as well as to predict, Barack Obama’s behavior.

We do know that, unpredictably, he has gone back on some of his campaign promises, losing the affection of many of his early and youthful followers.

Perhaps a better way to understand the president’s past and future behavior is simply to follow the money into his coffers. Track carefully who gives what to his campaigns and

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ELECTION: Campaign finance reform badly needed

Political ads flood Washington airwaves, costing big bucks so candidates and initiatives can compete with each other.

California governor hopeful Meg Whitman has spent an astonishing $140 million.

The amount of money spent on campaigns is just plain scary.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has spent $10 million in one week on ads to defeat candidates across the country, with plans to spend $75 million total by the general election. The chamber is suspected of funneling international money into the ads, allowing foreign governments to influence our elections.

Last January, the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision opened the floodgates

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