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ELECTIONS: Board should control election spending

How about an elections control board?

It would consist of a group of regular citizens who would take all the contributions normally given to politicians and then monitor the use of TV, radio and newspaper advertising. If candidate A wants a 30 second ad on TV, candidate B gets an equal spot.

Also, the board would screen all ads for negativism. No bashing the opponent, run on one’s own merits. Most critical ads are half truths, taken out of context. If candidates can’t provide proof of their claims, then they don’t get published in any form.


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ELECTION: Message for all candidates

If I could talk to all the candidates, and if they would listen, I would like to tell them something very important to the voters: We do not care if you like your opponent or not. What we want to know is what you stand for and what you will do for me, my family and my country.

A product that is good can stand on its own merit. If you are the best person for the office, then tell me why. And be honest. I am sick to death of the smears and mud-slinging. That will get you nowhere.

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ELECTION: Fed up with negative advertising

I am fed up. The negative, smear-campaign ads being used by candidates and incumbents have become too much. I will not be voting for anyone using this type of communication.

What happened to the reasons why we should vote for a person? What happened to decency? What are these people thinking?

I don’t know what else to do besides use the mute button on my TV and e-mail some of the people using these campaigns.

Maybe the loss of votes will make a difference. There must be candidates who choose not to campaign in this manner.


ELECTION: Seek truth beyond political ads

While cereal and deodorant companies have to abide by a truth-in-advertising laws, political action committees and the advertising agencies they hire apparently do not. And as a copywriter myself, I can be held as liable as any business I write for if I fashion a statement that cannot be backed up.

But here comes Silly Season and, as sure as the sun rises in the east, political ads accuse opposition candidates of long lists of things that are patently absurd and disprovable. My fear is that the voters who see or read these ads will actually take them as facts

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