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LAKEWOOD: Where’s city’s loyalty to residents?

In a smaller city such as Lakewood, residents should expect loyalty from its municipal staff, this loyalty being reflected in decisions that contribute to the best interests of residents.

Loyalty has been sadly absent in regard to a long series of actions in regards to the plan to move Camp Murray’s main gate access into the residential area of Lakewood’s Tillicum neighborhood.

The camp and city planning officials were involved in discussions for several months, unbeknownst to the Tillicum residents. Instead, their decision was presented by Camp Murray officers in two informational (done deal) meetings. Both audiences expressed complete opposition

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TILLICUM: Gate relocation breaks DOD rule

Camp Murray’s planned gate relocation to a residential area of Lakewood-Tillicum disregards criteria for gate location of U.S. military establishments as published in a 2005 Department of Defense document.

It specifically states: Locate ECFs (Entry Control Facilities) away from housing, school, and commercial areas, both on and off installation, to avoid interference with pedestrians, parked cars and driveways.

A paramount reason for this rule is to avoid undue injury and fatalities from terrorist bomb attacks. Terrorists are likely to attempt to bring bombs through military gates in vehicles. If a bomb ever detonates in the entry area, nearby life on

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TILLICUM: Good idea was summarily dismissed

We agree with Lakewood City Manager Andrew Neiditz (Viewpoint, 7-31). Tillicum has benefited over the last few years with improved policing and upgraded infrastructure. Money, time and energy have been spent; let’s not undo the good that’s been done.

Improvements to Portland Avenue were completed last year, and work is continuing on some residential streets. Why now tear up Portland to accommodate a new Camp Murray gate? The $5.9 million federal and unspecified local tax dollars earmarked for this project should be used more effectively.

A solution has been previously suggested and summarily dismissed, but should be investigated: Using

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TILLICUM: Boondoggle over Camp Murray gate

After a failed attempt last year, Camp Murray again plans to relocate its main gate to a position buried in a residential area of Lakewood’s Tillicum neighborhood.

The proposed location would not fit a basic requirement for a military gate: ease of accessibility and egress. Vehicles attempting to access the Camp would be forced to use streets that are narrow and even now difficult to traverse. The streets are lined with power poles and, in case of a severe disaster, could be rendered impassable.

To mitigate increased traffic, the city requests that Camp Murray pay for five speed bumps to

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MURRAY GATE: Use community momentum to plan for future

The boat sank. Only the very-taught stern line kept it from going to bottom. It took several hours, ropes, beams and near-swear-words to raise and pump it out, only to return to find it ready to go under again.

It occurred to me that I could keep the pump going and the water leaving faster than it was entering, or I could fix the leak.

A friend of mine, in hearing of my plight, suggested that my boat problem was not unlike the Camp Murray gate problem.

We fought, and will hopefully win, this battle which, for the Tillicum community,

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TILLICUM: Leave well enough alone

The entrance into Camp Murray has been as it is for many many years. What is the purpose of spending our tax dollars now, to make changes?

Hasn’t the government already spent way more than it needs to? Tillicum is really a small village, happy to live with the quiet streets that they have. Making one of the main streets a thoroughfare is not necessary and waste of our money.

Please powers that be, reconsider your actions.


TILLICUM: Camp Murray gate is a bad idea

Re: “Military doing a good job – of alienating neighbors” (editorial, 9-9).

The editorial opinion concerning the Camp Murray gate proposal accurately expresses the observations and opinions of my neighbors and myself.

Camp Murray’s leaders are acting like bullies to their Tillicum neighbors. They have shown little regard for the negative impact their new gate proposal will have on this community. I, along with my neighbors, will be urging Lakewood officials to stand up to this bully and deny their street access permit request.


TILLICUM: Military not being a good neighbor

OK, we get it; Camp Murray needs a new gate. But have they really thought this out?

We are already experiencing heavy traffic on Portland Avenue; do we really need to make it worse?

This gate relocation is really a lose/lose situation. We are not going to gain more business from the soldiers by them using Portland, and they are not going to get there any faster by using it (except those who are speeding).

Next time, the miitary should check with the local residents to see if they agree with their idea, instead of just assuming that we would

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