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ECONOMY: Hard to find U.S.-made products

A letter writer (TNT, 11-7) urges shoppers to buy presents from small independent local shops. I most assuredly would do so if those merchants will stock their shelves with goods bearing the label “Made in USA.”

And if they can’t, or won’t, find American-made merchandise, most of my Christmas shopping will be in the form of extra donations made to various charitable causes that I support.

It may well be difficult for retailers to locate and purchase goods manufactured in this country. It will be even harder for those retailers to convince me that my shopping dollars should go

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ECONOMY: Buy local and keep dollars here

I am encouraged to see some media promotion of supporting local businesses. I am an owner of a small business, and perhaps some facts and figures could help folks with that buying decision.

I suspect our business is fairly consistent with other locally owned small establishments. With every dollar in sales we have more than 50 percent staying in our immediate community in the form of taxes, salaries and local suppliers.

When looking again at the dollar in sales, we find that more than 90 percent stays within the state of Washington. These dollars support our community in the form

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