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LABOR: Union jobs provide better pay, benefits

Re: “Washington’s workers deserve to know what rights they have” (Viewpoint, 6-28).

Maxford Nelsen’s article got me going. The worker has a right to choose to work at a union-negotiated job or at one that is not unionized. Most would join the union for the benefits and good wages.

My union gives to political organizations that further its agenda; so do business interests. Nelsen’s statement, “Unions are political animals,” should have also stated, “So is business.” They all contribute to political organizations to further their agendas.

I’m retired and still pay dues (my choice) for those supporting a better

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BUSINESS: The outsourcing of America

My wife and I had a modest savings account of a little more than $1,000 with a Bank of America branch on South Hill in Puyallup. Since we hadn’t withdrawn any money from it, when we received a periodic statement recently and I noticed that the balance was $960, I read it again and found that we had been paying a monthly maintenance fee of $12.

After I had called the South Hill branch several times without an answer, I was finally put in contact with two different people in the Philippines and someone in Mexico. When I drove to

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ECONOMY: GOP must separate economics from social rhetoric

Republicans have important economic questions to put on the table in any discussion about America’s future. Why do Republicans embed their economics in the social rhetoric of the antebellum South, a slave-state culture that largely despises non-Christians, disdains nonwhites and distrusts independent women?

Distinct from far-right cultural prejudices are valid fiscal questions like:

• Why do we assume that one citizen is “entitled” to the earnings of another?

• Have we confused the moral imperative to share, through our free will, with the political imperative of the state to enforce taxation?

• When a shrinking base of producers supports an

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