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OBAMA: Government’s scope has grown

Re: “Ditto-heads need to face reality” (letter, 8-27).

The letter writer suggests that President Obama is blameless for all the problems we are currently facing. He states the economy tanked before Obama was elected due to President Bush’s failed policies.

He fails to mention that it was under President Clinton’s administration that lending standards were drastically lowered in order to “encourage” home ownership in the inner city. That started the ball rolling toward the housing collapse. Federal regulators turned a blind eye to what was happening because no one wanted to “rock the boat.”

The letter writer states that

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ECONOMY: Socialism has failed state, nation

Socialism has failed. The bipartisan White House National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform titles its report “The moment of truth.” Frankly I am glad, but their “moment of truth” is four years overdue.

The Bush-Obama strategy has come due. Trouble was brewing when Bush told us in 2008, “I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system,” which is like saying “I’ve abandoned my parachute to more thoroughly enjoy my sky-diving experience.”

Truth is, everyone but a political hack realizes we are facing national bankruptcy with all its bad, bad consequences. Socialism has failed. This is what brought 6,000

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HOUSING: Here’s what really caused the bubble

Re: “Tea party, now for some facts” (letter, 9-17).

The writer states that the elections of 2006 and subsequent committee chairmanships of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd (Financial Services/Banking) led to the economic collapse 15 months later and that President Bush requested that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac “stop” because “it’s” too risky.

On Jan. 20, 2004, President Bush, at a speech at the Home Builders Convention in Las Vegas, asked Congress to eliminate the down payment requirement for FHA loans. That same day, Bush’s Federal Housing Committee Chairman John Weicher said that “these proposed changes will extend the loans

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ECONOMY: Blame Congress, not presidents

Recent writers of letters to the editor love to blame presidents Bush or Obama for our fiscal woes. However, I would contend they are slinging stones at the wrong culprits.

To the extent that the federal government is to blame for some of the financial mess we are in, we should blame our congressional representatives more so than either Bush or Obama. A reading of the Constitution reminds us that the president is responsible for proposing a budget while the Senate and House actually set spending and taxation levels.

Congress also writes the actual appropriation bills which the president may

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POLITICS: Why blame Obama for Bush’s mess?

I am a political independent. I have very little respect for any politicians. However, I’m very puzzled about the following.

• President Clinton handed George W. Bush an $18 billion deficit. Bush handed President Obama a $1 trillion deficit.

• Bush started two wars, one based on lies and false information. He passed Medicare part D, a $1 trillion liability with no way to fund it.

• Bush and his buddies in the banking industry brought our economy to the brink of total economic collapse, and the first gigantic financial stimulus was passed while he was still in office.


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ELECTION: Vote Democrat or vote corporate greed

Calling all citizens and concerned voters. We all need to take a deep breath and consider the options in the upcoming November elections.

Take in consideration how the Republican Party nearly brought us a depression. Those who lost a good deal of their money to 401(k)s and lost their jobs know what I am saying. Realize this all happened before President Obama took office.
Take in consideration that the Republican Party and some conservadems (weak Democrats or blue dog Dems) all said no to every needed bill the progressives brought forward to help the American middle class and less

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OBAMA: Liberals resort to familiar tactic

Re: “Writer criticized the wrong president” (letter, 7-3).

In response to a spot-on letter detailing Barack Obama’s pathetic job performance to date (“Expectations, sadly, have been met” (7-2), the writer resorts to the one tried-and-true tactic left to liberals in the face of this administration’s abject ineptitude on all fronts: When in doubt, blame George W. Bush.

Forget that the Obama administration has failed to deliver on any of its campaign promises (outside of an economy-breaking albatross of a “health care” bill) and is still presiding over rampant unemployment and a badly damaged economy.

Barack Obama’s solution to our economic

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OBAMA: Was writer in a coma during Bush years?

Re: “Expectations, sadly, have been met” (letter, 7-2).

The author states that she did not vote for Barack Obama because she knew he would not live up to her expectations.

She apparently knew that he would bring America down before he entered office, that he would weaken America and corrupt the courts, that he would take away the rights of Americans by ignoring the Constitution, that he would DESTROY America’s economy and cause poverty and dependence to increase, and that with his own mouth he would degrade this nation on the world stage every chance he got.

The author gives

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