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BURN BAN: Campers left out in the cold

I understand the need for burn bans on Department of Natural Resources lands. However, banning fires in designated fire pits in all state parks lacks common sense.

I recently stayed at Cape Disappointment State Park. You can count on either rain or heavy mist nearly every night at this coastal campground, seemingly keeping the fire danger low. I also strongly doubt that state park fire pits are the cause of the wildland fires that are presently burning.

Let individual park managers, not bureaucrats in Olympia, make the decisions regarding fire safety in their parks. My family will be enjoying our

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BURN BAN: Why can’t fire department fine offender?

I was surprised to see a business openly using a burn barrel to warm customers at its outdoor venue on Sunday. Thinking I was doing the right thing, I tried to report it. That was a waste of time.

The fire department showed up and was told that the business didn’t know there was a burn ban in effect and they would put out the fire. The fire department was satisfied and left.

Now I have to ask, what good does it does to report violations? The fire department won’t issue a fine; it said it was not their responsibility

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BURN BAN: Why have one if it’s not enforced?

After the ice storm that took out a lot of trees, there are many fires and the smoke hangs over the fields, trees and roads in my area southeast of Yelm.

After talking to several neighbors and informing them of the Thurston County burn ban, only two showed much interest. Bald Hill Fire Department was unmanned and not answering the phone.

The BHFD had asked for and had our community post a burn ban notice. The Olympic Region Clean Air Agency (ORCAA) did not provide much information, except that a Stage 1 burn ban was in force. There was no

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BURN BAN: Where’s evidence of bad-air deaths?

Re: “We are concerned about our air, and we are in this together” (Viewpoint, 12-26).

The claim by the authors – a health department doctor and a chamber of commerce official – is that 1,100 deaths in this state are caused by fine-particle pollution. Please, tell us more.

How many of the “estimated” deaths are of people who live in Pierce County? Show us the death certificates, signed by doctors, stating the deaths were caused by fine-particle pollution.

Why is it that everyone I know of knew with symptoms stated was a smoker or lived a sedentary lifestyle?


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BURN BAN: More important to fight crime than smoke

When I was a youngster, come cold weather, you could smell burning coal in the air. You couldn’t hang out your laundry without getting black ash spots on it. We learned about curbing pollution and switched to cleaner furnaces to protect our lungs. But times have changed.

We now have skyrocketing utility rates that punish us for living. Utilities take up a quarter of my retirement income. If you have a wood stove or fireplace to try to alleviate those huge fees, it helps.

I understand the need to monitor and protect the air in cold months, and I

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