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SCHOOLS: Get angry about student bullying

When I read that Rebecca Ann Sedwick, a 12-year-old girl from Florida, killed herself over bullying, I became angry – at the students who “tormented” her, at our schools that don’t seem to understand the viciousness of the problem, at the rest of us for not being angry enough to take to the streets protesting and insisting no more of our children die like this.

I am also angry that when my daughter was viciously bullied for six years, I didn’t make more noise and come up with a better plan to not only save her, but Rebecca, to

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GUNS: Incendiary letter does not belong in TNT

Re: “Many owners fought for rights” (letter, 6-1).

The original letter (“Retaliation for letter is revealing, 5-24) refers to gun owners who believe they can take on the U.S. government with their semi-automatic weapons. The writer calls them fourth-graders. It’s clear the writer is not referring to all gun owners, just those who want to govern by private militia instead of the rule of law.

In the response letter, the writer states: “How about we do this: He keeps his nose out of my guns, and I’ll keep my guns out of his nose.”

This statement implies that if

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GAGA: Some don’t get her anti-bullying message

Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” tour arrived at the Tacoma Dome, and what did we witness? No problems with the adult and teen concertgoers, but a group from Florida funding an airplane to fly a banner “Not Born This Way” and bringing protesters to harass the peaceful line of attendees.

Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” message is a message for any kid who is bullied for any reason. That does include gay kids. It also includes overweight kids, skinny kids, kids of all races, girls, boys, nonathletes, artists and kids with any other imperfection perceived to make them different.


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SCHOOLS: Train our teachers to keep our children safe

It is not news to any of us that children are teased and bullied on a daily basis because of their outward appearance. Those who do not conform to these gender norms become at risk for bullying or worse.

The good news is that a societal shift is in motion. The former societal, medical and mental health approach was that if the child doesn’t fit, we need to change the child. Research now shows us that this approach was both harmful to children and to their communities.

The current accepted approach is to support the children in who they are.

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EDUCATION: Kitna sets example for others

It was uplifting to read John McGrath’s column about Jon Kitna, the new football coach and math teacher at Lincoln High School (TNT, 9-7). What a sterling example the former NFL player sets for his students and players.

Contrast that to the reprehensible conduct exhibited by a teacher in the Peninsula School District (editorial, 8-31). He not only allowed bullying in his classroom, but apparently took part in it.

Two quotes come to mind:

“The aim of education is the knowledge not of fact, but of values” –  William Inge.

“The secret of education is respecting the pupil”

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BULLYING: Teacher, district and union failed leadership test

Re: “Records describe bullying incident” (TNT, 9-2).

I commend Debbie Cafazzo and The News Tribune for the research regarding the recent Kopachuck Middle School teacher, John Rosi, and his classroom abilities.

Rosi should have been terminated immediately. Also, the superintendent at the time should have been more forthcoming in his leadership abilities for the school and the Peninsula School District. The union, whereby agreeing upon the discipline, really should have represented the very able staff and stepped back, thereby promoting professional, ethical and appropriate classroom leadership.

A teacher must provide leadership, as well as ethics and knowledge of the

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BULLYING: A word gets misappropriated

Re: “Records describe bullying incident” (TNT, 9-2).

Fifty years ago, the word “appropriate” was restricted to matters of decorum. It was inappropriate to talk with your mouth full or to use lewd language in polite company.

Today the word “inappropriate” has replaced the word “wrong,” effectively stripping behavior (formerly known as “conduct”) of any moral quality. People don’t act right or wrong any longer; they merely behave appropriately or inappropriately.

So what? So now a politician caught in a bald lie can sidestep the moral implications with an apology for “speaking inappropriately.” Or a Peninsula School District superintendent can

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BULLYING: Schools should be safe places

Re: “Parents say child bullied by teacher, classmates” (TNT, 8-29).

My heart was broken as I read this article. It reported that in February an eighth-grade boy was held down and put under chairs while classmates drew on his feet and stuffed his socks in his mouth, all while the teacher, John Rosi, was watching and even joined in by poking the boy in the stomach.

As a mother of children who attend school, I am angry, saddened and confused. Why did Rosi receive a 10-day suspension? Why is this now being investigated by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office

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