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BUDGET: Why target poor and middle class?

Re: “Inslee expected to sign $38.2B budget” (TNT, 7-1).

What’s this? We’re solving our state’s economic crisis on the backs of the poor, middle class and workers again.

Why is it always the easy solution? And I hear that we’re still not funding the schools at the level ordered by the state Supreme Court.

Oh, the rich don’t want to pay any more taxes? Well, we don’t either.

It’s amazing to me that we have one of the highest populations of wealthy people in our state, and we have the most regressive tax structure of any state. Of course

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BUDGET: GOP proposal dodges the real inequity

Re: “Republican budget proposes rejecting state labor contracts” (TNT, 4-1).

So the Republicans are going to solve the budget crisis and “wage inequality” amongst state employees with one great idea: a flat $1,000 raise for each of next two years. Pay workers of all levels equally.

Do they realize this is an idea basic to communism?

Wealth inequality is not the same as wage inequality. Stop the excuses for avoiding tax reform. Make the wealthy, whose income isn’t completely dependent on wages, share an equivalent burden with wage earners.

Washingtonians must pay equitably for the high-quality services we demand from

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OBAMA: Policies haven’t helped the middle class

With his Fiscal Year 2016 budget rollout, President Obama spoke in glowing terms about the economy. The unemployment rate has come down to 5.6 percent, but millions of Americans have stopped looking for work, are working part-time or are in low-paying jobs.

Is Obama finally trying to help the middle class? What was he doing the past six years?

While thousands of private sector jobs were being lost, billions were being spent to preserve public sector union jobs (unions are a core constituency of the Democratic Party). Was your job saved?

Obamacare was going to reduce annual premiums $2,500 for a

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HUNGER: Need rises, but funding’s still the same

My heartfelt thanks to the members of the Washington Senate and House for recognizing the importance food banks have in combating hunger in Washington. While they have included funds for the Emergency Food Assistance Program in previous budgets, the amount has not increased since 2008. During that same time the need in Pierce County has grown 69 percent.

The additional funding in the 2014 budget will provide food banks money they desperately need, and the ability to use it in ways that make sense for them. While this additional funding will not solve the problem of hunger, it takes an

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BUDGET: Rein in spending – or else

Twenty years ago, America’s national debt was a little more than $4 trillion. Now it is $17 trillion, and by the year 2020 the interest on the debt will probably be $1 trillion a year.

The root of the problem lies in the fact that Congress simply cannot or will not control the runaway spending that has put us in this position, and the only logical solution is a balanced budget amendment.

If such an amendment were adopted today, in 20 years what we owe now would seem small by comparison, and I believe Americans would approve of a small

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BUDGET: GOP refuses to negotiate

The latest excuse that Republicans use is to assert Democrats are refusing to negotiate a federal budget. In fact, in March, the U.S. Senate passed a budget. Since the House had passed a budget bill, the normal course of business would be to appoint members to a special conference committee to resolve differences and bring a compromise bill to both the Senate and House.

Democrats tried to appoint conference members to meet with House members, but Senate Republicans refused to name their conferees. The Republican House refused to even take up the issue of appointing any House conferees. So since

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BUDGET: Failure reflected in both Washingtons

The day-to-day news coming out of Washington must be confusing to a lot of people, mainly not knowing which Washington the news is coming from.

What’s going on in the state of Washington is a mirror image of the ineptness going on in Washington, D.C. Senate Majority Leader turned quasi-Republican Rodney Tom appears to be aping the antics of D.C. politicians, struggling for power rather than doing the people’s business.

When bodies of elected officials have two years to put together a budget and fail, does that show they lack qualifications to lead? Most would agree that it goes without

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BUDGET: Are lawmakers breaking the law?

The state Legislature is said to pass a state operating budget any day now. But even if it passes a budget by July 1 to avert partial government shutdown, the lawmaking body – and by extension the legislators that comprise it – have, to the best of my understanding, broken state law. I’m not a lawyer, but it seems to me that the Legislature has committed a criminal offense.

RCW 43.88.080 requires that a budget for state government “shall be finally adopted not later than thirty calendar days prior to the beginning of the ensuing biennium.” RCW 43.88.270 states: “Any

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