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BUDGET: Government spending must shrink

This is not going to be a popular letter amongst folks who like big government and depend on them, but it is an idea to throw out there to start a conversation about fixing our 2 billion dollar state deficit.

As of last years numbers, according to the Office of Financial Management, there are approximately 110,000 state employees. The majority of them are in four categories: education, transportation, corrections and health/social services. When Gov. Chris Gregoire took over as our governor she rapidly increased state government approximately 35 percent, which was more than the growth of our state population.


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ELECTION: Why will this time be different for GOP?

Republicans would have us believe they are the party of fiscal responsibility. If elected, they will reduce the deficit. History is against them. Beginning with Ronald Reagan our country experienced the first big growth in the deficit. That is what happens when taxes are cut and spending is not.

And we shouldn’t forget the George W. Bush years with both the House and Senate in Republican hands. Not only were taxes cut but spending was dramatically increased. We went to war and added social programs such as the Medicare drug program. No provision was made for funding either action.


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