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TACOMA: Bridge rehab not necessary

For seven or more years, the city of Tacoma has been in the bridge rehab business and The News Tribune has been painting and welding right along side. If the Murray Morgan and Hylebos bridges can be out of service for years, their necessity is highly suspect. Small business owners have failed or relocated with these bridge closures. Emergency services have new routes for accessing properties.

The city of Tacoma is in a budget crisis and can’t even fill potholes, but they can maintain unnecessary bridges? What, all because they got some free money? Given by a country (read taxpayers) laboring under

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GOVERNMENT: Officials betray their oath of office

Our federally elected leaders solemnly swear (or affirm) to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. In my opinion this endless political game of partisan politics whose object is to support the party (take your pick) rather the people is a violation of that oath.

If our government goes into default we will suffer grievous harm to our nation, our identity, our system of government and our Constitution.

I wish it was possible to perform a mass impeachment, except that the judges and jury, conveniently, are the very ones who are about to betray us. The

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