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POLITICS: Urban Democrats disrespect rural members

Pierce County Democrats have only themselves to blame for the one-vote leadership revolution in the state Senate.

Democrats failed to elect a Democrat in either the 2nd or 25th Legislative District. Many Tacoma Democrats thought former Sen. Jim Kastama was a Republican, but why was it so hard to elect a traditional Democrat in 2012? Just maybe Kastama was a more effective representative for his rural voters than recognized by Tacoma’s political activists. Now we can see how a real “R” senator looks and votes during the next four years.

In the 2nd, candidate Bruce Lachney was running an effective

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ELECTION: Lachney launches misleading political ad

I received a mailing from 2nd District candidate Bruce Lachney suggesting that state Sen. Randi Becker could pass a four-day school week law. Becker is a Republican. The Democrats’ control of our state government ensures that only Democratic-sponsored bills would even be considered.

This non-issue is aimed at Eatonville School District voters. Last year, as a result of budget reductions, a four-day school week, along with other options, was thoughtfully considered by the district, with parent and teacher input. The four-day school week was discarded as unfeasible and unsupported by parents of our district’s schoolchildren.

It appears that if you

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ELECTION: Randi Becker deserves to be re-elected

Our families, communities, and public schools have no greater advocate than state 2nd District Sen. Randi Becker. She has fought hard to ensure schools have the funding they need and school boards have local control.

When I was superintendent of the Eatonville School District, I worked side by side with Becker on many issues important to our schools and community.

Her opponent is using desperate last-minute emotional appeals, criticizing her for responding to the Eatonville school board’s request for legislation last year. The board’s four-day school week idea was defeated and rightly buried.

Bruce Lachney should be ashamed and embarrassed;

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