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ROADS: Give priority to potholes and schools

Re: “Don’t forget about widening SR 162″ (letter, 4-28).

A couple of weeks back I attended a town hall meeting at the Puyallup library, called by state Reps. Hans Zeiger and Dawn Morrell and state Sen. Bruce Dammeier. I mentioned to them that we in Tacoma and Pierce County could not afford to be taxed for highway extensions. We had school levies that had been voted down, and our least able neighbors have had their bus service cut back.

The roads in Tacoma are dangerous to drive on. There is no money in Tacoma to fix the roads. When

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ELECTION: Bruce Dammeier is not for education

I received a mailer from 25th District state Senate candidate Bruce Dammeier. It sickens me that he is running for with the platform, “A Champion for Our Kids” and “all kids deserve a quality education.” He goes on to state: “An excellent education system starts with setting high standards. On the Puyallup School Board, I helped increase academic rigor and standards. As your state representative, I have continued this work, fighting off efforts to lower the bar and shortchange our kids.”

While on the Puyallup School Board, he supported the discriminating and poor education standards that are given to special

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ELECTION: Dammeier’s endorsement of Zeiger indefensible

The News Tribune editorial board’s endorsement of state Rep. Dawn Morrell and positive assessment of John Thompson (editorial, 9-28) deserve applause, but its parallel endorsement of state Rep. Bruce Dammeier ignores his indefensible endorsement of Hans Zeiger’s history of hate.

When Dammeier asks voters to elect Zeiger, he also asks that Zeiger’s extreme views join him in Olympia. Zeiger has equated Girl Scouts with abortion and lesbianism. He wrote, “Churches fail to speak for manly virtue.” He has denied that Episcopalians are Christians. His writing expressed disdain for “Unitarians, mainstream Baptists, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, members of the ‘Military Pagan Network’

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