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BRIDGE: Why isn’t Narrows kept illuminated?

I have lived in Tacoma most of my life and have been across the Narrows Bridge more times than I can count. Since opening of the second span, I have used it as many times or more.

I am writing because the lights on the new bridge are rarely on. Since July 2007, I believe the lights have been on maybe 200 times. That’s not good.

The best icons for Tacoma and the Puget Sound area are the bridges. At night, they cannot be seen except for the traffic traveling across.

Seattle has the Space Needle. San Francisco has the

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BRIDGE: Army has experience in fixing fallen bridges

The bridge collapse situation takes me back. During World War II, a U.S. Army Engineer Combat Bridge Company would have quick fixed a fallen bridge within a maximum of 24 hours so tanks could move across.

Given the opportunity, perhaps Joint Base Lewis-McChord would have treated this as a training exercise, flexed their muscle and saved time along with taxpayer monies.