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ELECTION: Guild? Union? What’s the difference?

Re: “Wurts mislabeled by opponent” (letter, 8-12).

It’s nice to know that a member of the Lakewood Police Independent Guild thinks his organization is different than a “union.” Can someone explain to me the difference?

In Lakewood, the police officers are “represented” by a “guild.” That is not a stand-alone organization like the original medieval guilds of artisans or merchants that organized (uh, oh – “organize” is a union word) to maintain the standards of their craft. The police guild in Lakewood has a written legal contract with the city that spells out the working conditions, pay, benefits and more.

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ELECTION: Wurts mislabled by worried opponent

After reading (TNT, 8-9) that 28th Legislative Distric candidate Brian Wurts was labeled “a union guy,” which “stands for everything we Republicans are against” by opponent Paul Wagemann, I’m compelled to correct this unfair label.

The Lakewood Police Independent Guild is not a union; it’s a guild. It’s a body of police officers who represent themselves, not a labor union like the Teamsters.

Calling Wurts “a union guy” and against the Republican Party is unfair, inaccurate and negative campaigning. Under Wurts’ leadership, our guild has foregone raises the last two contracts due to the economic climate. “A union guy” would

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ELECTION: Wagemann the better candidate

I was disappointed to read that you chose to endorse Brian Wurts over Paul Wagemann as nominee for state legislator in the 28th district. My brief association with Paul gives me the assurance that he has all of the qualifications we would identify with a man of character: his impeccable value judgments as evidenced by his long record of service and leadership, both as a U.S. Marine fighter pilot and officer as well as a community activist.

What’s most appealing to me is the fact that he has foresworn any support from Lakewood’s casino crowd. It is so reassuring

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