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ELECTION: Troy Kelley will be excellent auditor

State Rep. Troy Kelley has the knowledge, experience, integrity and temperament to replace Brian Sonntag and be an excellent state auditor.

I have served with Kelley for six years in Olympia as a fellow state representative and have seen him in action numerous times while we worked together on both the House Audit Review and Oversight Committee and the Legislative Audit Committee. He exactly knows the type of performance improvements government agencies must accomplish in order to eliminate waste and improve citizen satisfaction.

Kelley will bring his extensive military and business leadership to this office and help all state agencies

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ELECTION: Sonntag errs in endorsing Kelley

Brian Sonntag was a great auditor, and I voted for him several times. But I can’t believe he is endorsing Troy Kelley to replace him.

Kelley’s voting record shows he is a partisan player who cares not what the people who put him into office want or need. He answers only to the lobbyists and party leaders.

I have e-mailed his office many times and never received a single response, not even a form letter. Kelley never represented the people of the 28th District during his time in Olympia, and he won’t represent the people of Washington.


ELECTION: Pelz shows what’s wrong with politics in this state

Re: “Sonntag leads Democrats supporting McKenna” (TNT, 6-12).

State Democratic Party chairman Dwight Pelz said he has “been through Democrats for Dino and Democrats for Hutchinson.” No doubt after a careful evaluation of each issue he seems to have concluded the Democratic Party is simply correct on all matters.

Wow, that was easy. Unfortunately such idealistic faith in any political party demonstrates a profound lack of curiosity, intellectual laziness or perhaps some mixture of the two. I’m not certain what combination is on display here, but quite unintentionally Pelz provides a stunning illustration of what’s wrong with Washington politics.

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