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ELECTION: Nathan Schlicher will have more impact

For voters who care about economic development in the 26th Legislative District, consider which candidate will be more effective gaining support for programs from Congressman Derek Kilmer and the Obama administration. Kilmer has endorsed state Sen. Nathan Schlicher, who will also have the ears of Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell.

Schlicher will have more impact for the 26th District with the administration of Gov. Jay Inslee. And he has already made a big impact in the state Legislature by leading passage of legislation saving Washington $30 million by allowing Medicaid patients access to emergency services. As the only medical

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SCHOOLS: No shortage of ‘troubled’ children

I write this with a heavy heart. The shooting incident at the Bremerton elementary school in itself may be “a rare, isolated incident,” (TNT, 2-23), but the number of seriously troubled, damaged children in our schools is not.

This incident is a red flag for what is really plaguing our schools and society at large. The classroom teacher in this incident is quoted saying this boy is a “troubled child” who altered the dynamics of an otherwise peaceful classroom.

Classrooms all over our country are plagued with difficult children who make learning and teaching a struggle for everyone else.

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