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MANNING: He isn’t a ‘she’ yet

Regarding the article about Pvt. Bradley Manning seeking a presidential pardon, the reporter refers to Manning as “Chelsea Manning” and continually uses the feminine pronoun “she.”

Just because Manning wants to be a woman doesn’t make it so. He enlisted in the Army as a man. He was convicted as a man, so when addressed by his military rank it should be as Bradley Manning.

It is the job of the news to report the facts, and the fact is that unless Manning has legally changed his name, he is still Bradley Manning. And until he has undergone a

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MANNING: He exposed crime against humanity

The reason why the U.S. government wants to put Bradley Manning away for as much as 136 years is not because he committed a crime, but because he exposed one.

The crime he exposed was the imperial invasion and occupation of Iraq, a war that we started, a war that was nondefensive, since Iraq had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks of 9/11, a war of aggression against a sovereign nation that killed tens of thousands more innocent civilians in the Middle East than terrorists ever killed here.

According to our own military tribunal at Nuremberg in 1947, “To

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NATION: Whistle-blowers perform valuable service

I read Peter Callaghan’s July 4 column about how the formation of our nation was due to citizens, not the military. These citizens declared independence from the world’s empire, England, and then constructed our Constitution of freedom and justice for all.

Ironically we are now the world’s largest empire. It seems all empires serve the benefits of the wealthy rather than the common folk. And so that is what is happening today with our empire.

Fortunately, we have had whistle-blowers such as Daniel Ellsberg, Bradley Manning, Thomas Drake, Mark Felt and others over the years, the latest being Edward

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