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MEDIA: No coverage of corporate crimes

The media obsess over the Boston bombing, trying desperately to turn it into a story about the usual suspects: brown-skinned foreign invaders. The media obsess over the lurid trial of Jody Arias, as if she is world-shaking news. The media obsess over the titillating story of Amanda Knox or the latest sex crimes in Cleveland.

Meanwhile, the media ignore the much more significant crimes of corporate deregulation. A whole town is devastated in Texas. More than 1,000 garment workers in Bangladesh die for our fashion industry. The Massey Energy Company in West Virginia kills or terrorizes its miners.

Halliburton and

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BP: Thanks for spelling out our rights

Re: “BP to 40,000 oil spill workers: Talk all you want to the media” (TNT, 7-3).

Reading that little article was like my neighbor knocking on my door and telling me I can talk all I want to my roommates. Before this, BP did not allow cleanup workers to talk to the press. Don’t think me ungrateful, but what other rights can I wait for BP’s permission to exercise?

This highlights something we forget from time to time: The right to speak is an inherent right. So are the rights to think freely and assemble. We have them because we

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OIL SPILL: Are we the Earth’s caretakers?

They say a picture is sometimes worth a thousand words so maybe the A.P. photo Friday qualifies (TNT, 6-25). The sign on Louisiana’s Gulf Coast read: “Support Deep Water Drilling.” I’m not kidding.

Some say that drilling offshore will ultimately ruin the economy in the gulf while others contend that NOT drilling will do the same. Apparently we’re on the horns of a dilemma (or gusher).

Since the South is by far the most religious part of the country, I wonder how Southerners view the biblical command that we’re all to be stewards or caretakers of the Earth, including its

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BP: Collaborating with the enemy

Rep. Joe Barton of Texas said BP was a victim of the White House/Chicago-style (shakedown). He told the CEO of BP that he apologized for their actions. To me, he is a traitor to his country.

The Republicans ordered him to recant and apologize, which he promptly did. Maybe this is what they mean by little people.


OIL SPILL: How limited is BP’s liability?

Amid much hoopla, President Obama recently announced that BP would put $20 billion into a fund to compensate victims of its oil spill.

That sounds good until one realizes, according to BP’s 2009 annual report, owner’s equity in BP is a little over $101 billion, all of which should be available to compensate victims of BP’s negligence. Total revenue and income for BP was over $246 billion in 2009 alone, down slightly from $367 billion in ’08. So this diverts less than 10 percent of one year’s revenue into the compensation fund.

Luckily, the courts, rather than the president, will

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OIL SPILL: Give Allen authority he needs

As a career project manager, I am appalled that 52 days after the oil rig explosion, the administration has not provided the project manager with the responsibility, accountability and authority to clean up the oil spill. Instead, we are still in the finger-pointing and blame-game phase.

Sending thousands of lawyers to Louisiana has not resulted in one drop of oil being kept off our shores. What has been needed from day one is a project manager, free from political encumbrances, who has all the resources necessary to develop and implement a risk mitigation plan.

It is extremely clear that Adm.

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OIL SPILL: BP, government share blame

Re: “BP’s spill plan grossly flawed” (TNT, 6-10).

I noticed that this “flawed” plan had government approval. Doesn’t that make the blame for this whole mess at least 50/50 between the government and BP?

I guess that means if the government pursues criminal charges against BP, it also needs to bring charges against itself.


OIL SPILL: Regulators knew about risks

Re: “Regulators knew of risk in 2000″ (TNT, 6-9).

Upon reading this article about government regulators having been warned a decade ago in a Shell oil company offshore drilling plan of, what has proven to be, a very accurate description of a deep-water oil rig disaster, it’s quite amazing that our government officials would then begin aggressive, government-backed offshore oil production and allow deep-water drilling.

As if that isn’t enough to make a person wonder just what our elected officials were thinking, the article states that in 2001, “George W. Bush, acting on recommendations from the oil industry, signed an

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