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BOY SCOUTS: Wrong to exclude gays

As a former Cub Scout and Boy Scout, I am appalled at the organization’s decision to continue banning kids based on their sexual orientation. I do not recall a merit badge for exclusion.

It always seemed to me that with the wearing of uniforms and camping in tents it was a prep for future military service. How strange now that gays can be in the military but not in the Boy Scouts.



BOY SCOUTS: Shame on BSA’s anti-gay policy

Re: “Boy Scouts say they’ll continue to ban gays” (TNT, 7-19).

What are the troglodytes who run Boy Scouts of America thinking? Are they equating homosexuality with pedophilia? Those are two different subjects.

I have been a den mother twice in my life, and all children were welcome; they developed wonderful skills and had lots of fun together. At least two boys in my dens were gay and have grown up to be fine, outstanding citizens. It would have been a tragedy to have omitted these boys.

I have known at least one lesbian scout leader, and she was

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TNT: My unrepressed memories of Gary Reese

Re: “Pair accuse Lakewood ex-Scout leader, librarian of sexual abuse” (TNT, 9-9).

I am a lifelong resident of Tacoma. I have known Gary Reese for more than 30 years now. When I was a young man (in the late 1970s and up until 1986), I was a regular at the Tacoma Public Library’s Northwest Room. Tacoma history was my passion, and I would frequent the little corner back then, and had access to the Boland Collection, which I would help catalog and organize.

I spent countless hours in that room and cave-like archive, often alone with Reese. In all

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BOY SCOUTS: No link between homosexualty and sex abuse

Molesting children? Do you think of Boy Scout leaders, maybe priests? Their organizations spend a lot of money defending indefensible behaviors perpetrated by men who sexually abuse children.

Inevitably, people talk about homosexuality, worse homosexual molestation (vs. heterosexual molestation?) as if there is link between homosexuality and sexual abuse or rape. There isn’t. It doesn’t exist. We all have our faults, gay men included, but gay men are not, by and large, molesters.

Perhaps this insistent attempt to portray molestation as a gay issue is an attempt to understand hideous abuse by assigning it to the gay world,

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