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TACOMA: Bureaucratic pothole opens up in Proctor

Re:”Proctor’s bike-rack bureaucracy tests patience of local Boy Scout” (Larry LaRue column, 5-22).

The Pacific Northwest Shop’s request to have a bicycle rack designed and created by a person from the Northwest seems more than reasonable. The Proctor District Association’s (PDA) denial of the permit seems less so.

Bicycle racks have many uses and purposes: They make shopping convenient for riders, encourage others to ride, make sidewalks safer for pedestrians, demonstrate a commitment to exercise and are an affirmative way to reduce our collective carbon footprint. In this case, the racks were an expression of Zach Quellette’s artistic talent

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SCOUTS: Nothing complex about issue

In a society not so inured to hypocrisy, we would all be able to laugh at Boy Scouts of America spokesman Deron Smith’s nonsensical statement about the complexity of rescinding the ban against gay scouts (TNT, 2-7).

There is nothing the least complex about the issue. Why can’t officials just say what they mean?

The BSA is caught in a trap of its own making. For far too long, the organization has kowtowed to a highly vocal minority of fundamentalists who wield power in this country way out of proportion to their numbers. Those of us who try to live

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BOY SCOUTS: Badge of dishonor

I guess I am going to have to remove my Boy Scouts of America experiences from my resume now that the BSA is considered an intolerant and discriminatory organization. I never thought of myself as an intolerant individual, but it seems that those that want to see the BSA change their membership policy regarding gays are making anyone who is part of the BSA seem just that way: intolerant.

The Boy Scouts of America is a private organization. I don’t care if you are gay, black, white, Hispanic, fat, skinny, a nerd or whatever – if someone does not like

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BOY SCOUTS: Lower standards diminish reputation

The Boy Scouts of America has long held to high standards set by their oath, law, motto, slogan and outdoor code. The oath includes duty to God and country, duty to others and duty to self, including keeping a high moral standard. Proponents and critics alike, including President Obama, speak of the high respect almost universally held of the organization due to its high character overall.

Now, those who live to a different standard wish to be accepted as members and leaders, giving reference to the Scouts’ long lasting reputation for developing good character within its membership.

Where is the recognition

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BOY SCOUTS: Gay doesn’t mean pedophile

Re: “Group’s policy on gays is the correct one” (letter, 7-22).

How could you allow that letter equating gay with being a pedophile? Would you put one in saying blacks are lazy, Jews are greedy and the Irish are drunks?

Pedophiles violate children, and most are straight men. Jerry Sandusky was a married pedophile. Do we now not allow married men to coach football?

I don’t expect you to correct this terrible stereotyping of gays since we all know editors are just grumpy, cigar-chomping, fat, old men.


MARRIAGE: Respect right of association

There are reasonable solutions to seemingly intractable social problems, such as same-sex marriage and the Boy Scouts’ exclusion of “gay” leaders. All persons, particularly Americans, enjoy constitutional rights of association. We can associate with like-minded persons without demeaning or antagonizing others.

Marriage, since time immemorial in all nations and religions, has been universally understood to be the union between one woman and one man. If some prefer to deviate from this venerable definition, they can define their different relationship (civil union, for example) without usurping the name “marriage” as their own. This solution should reasonably satisfy both sides.

Similarly, if

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BOY SCOUTS: Simple solution for BSA protesters

Re: “Boy Scouts say they’ll continue ban on gays” (TNT, 7-18).

For those who object to the principles held by the Boy Scouts, why spend your time trying to force your way into their organization? It’s a free country, so why not create a new organization, call it whatever you like and make up rules that fit your own preferences. Then parents and their children can pick which club they want to join, and everyone can be happy.

Why hasn’t someone already thought of this?


BOY SCOUTS: Group’s policy on gays correct

Regarding the Boy Scouts of America’s policy of excluding homosexuals from leadership in the boy scouts, I think there are good reasons for this policy.

Historically, several thousands of boys were sexually abused in the scouts. Parents want their children protected from sexual assault, and the prohibition helps prevent the participation of men who would take advantage of trusting young boys.

Also, the Boy Scouts have paid out tens of millions of dollars to boys who have been abused and now have to pay enormous amounts for litigation insurance premiums. No one has stepped up to cover this cost.


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