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BOY SCOUTS: Political agenda behind attack

Every parent concerned about religious freedom and protecting their children should be alarmed by the attack on the Boy Scouts of America. After the Scouts, who or what is next on the homosexual advocacy’s radar?

Whether you believe the biblical teaching that homosexuality is sinful behavior, or you believe homosexuality is perfectly normal and natural, you should be concerned about any individual or organization being forced to accept radical homosexuality as the cultural norm.

The attack on the Scouts isn’t about promoting tolerance for homosexuals. It’s about advancing a political agenda. For homosexuals, there is only one correct view, one

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BOY SCOUTS: Reputation already diminished

Re: “Lower standards diminish reputation” (letters, 2-5).

The Boy Scouts of America did not live up to their “high moral standard” as soon as they tried to hide the sexual abuse of boys in their organization. The Boy Scouts of America does not have an “outstanding reputation.”