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ELECTION: Support levies for Sumner/Bonney Lake schools

I am the father of five children, and I want each of them to have access to bigger and better opportunities than I had. I am also a local small business owner and am concerned with the continued economic vitality of our community.

Receiving a robust, up-to-date education is key to giving our children a chance to compete in a very competitive global economy and the future development of our community. That is why I am saying yes to the Sumner/Bonney Lake school levies.

The district’s existing four-year operations and maintenance levy expires soon. As the current levy expires, the

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TRAFFIC: Abide by the ‘country road rule’

I was raised on a farm where there were rules for living the country life. The most important rule, learned early, was always walk on the side of the road facing traffic.

This was called the “country road rule.” If there wasn’t a curb, you walked or ran against traffic. Where my grandparents lived there wasn’t a curb for 10 miles!

This past Saturday a man was run down in Bonney Lake and died soon after. From the news reports he was probably walking with traffic and the pickup truck driver, possibly impaired, ran into the man on the road

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BONNEY LAKE: City removing campaign signs?

Our family has lived in Bonney Lake for 44 years. I haven’t put up a political sign since my uncle, Floyd Hicks, was running for office in the 1960s and 1970s. He was a Superior Court judge, state Supreme Court justice and U.S. congressman. His personality was a mixture of hard worker, independent thinker and a strong sense of caring for the people of the 6th District.

This year Toni Froehling is running for Superior Court judge in Department 12. He has demonstrated many of the good characteristics of my uncle during the more than 30 years I have known

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PIERCE COUNTY: Give Orton Junction the go-ahead

I live in Bonney Lake and own a landscaping business in the Sumner area. I have lived my whole life in this community and intend to live the rest of my life here. It’s important to see responsible and sustainable development in our community. I want my family to have a fun, safe place to go to spend our time and money.

My family began homesteading in this valley in 1891. It makes sense to me to protect farmland, yet intelligent development is critical to the long-lasting health of our community. That is why protecting the more rational farmland further

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911: What about cities that already had vision?

Re: “Vote likely for area 911 tax” (TNT, 6-19).

An underlying aspect of the 911 tax was not covered in the story. What about cities like Bonney Lake and Puyallup that already had the vision to make this move on their own? They budgeted and compared systems with the looming deadline in mind more than a year ago. I believe you call that planning.

It appears cities with forethought will be forced to join this new system and abandon their recently upgraded system for a new vision. But those cities will still be paying the debt on the system they

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BONNEY LAKE: City supports developers, not residents

Have you seen Bonney Lake’s downtown plan? If not I encourage everyone to go online and view it. What’s not known is the pain residents who border that area ave incurred over the last five years.

One resident was faced with imminent domain and encouraged to sell his home to the city for a new street. The area, north of Main Street Ext. was originally zoned R-1 single family. Now it is R-3 high density and has apartments on it which are not that of the original plan.

Local residents petitioned against rezone, and the hearing examiner recommended against

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DOGS: Government shouldn’t be involved

Re: “‘Dangerous’ animal rule too harsh?” (TNT 5-29).

What is this world coming to? A dog has killed maybe a chicken. What if my dog catches and hurts a bird, rabbit or a cat? Is now my dog dangerous? Let’s get real.

Why is the city involved in a neighbor problem? Let them handle it. What is the chicken worth? You can always sue your neighbor, not shoot the dog. Was the chicken in a pen or running loose?

The government should not be involved. The time, money and care to keep this dog at the animal shelter

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DEVELOPMENT: Destroying Evergreen beauty

I am ashamed that the selfish needs of a few jeopardize the beauty and environmental well-being of the majority. It is a disgrace that a few misguided public officials approved the avaricious wishes of real estate interests for what they call “development” or “progress” when it is truly destruction and carnage. What I am writing about is the eyesore at the rim of the valley right in front of those traveling east through Sumner down State Route 410.

A few years ago I took pride in describing the tall pristine line of conifers that rimmed this part of the

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