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TACOMA: Council right to increase B&O tax

Re: “Hospitals lose break, car fees rise” (TNT, 11-28).

I find all the outrage and hand-wringing over the Tacoma City Council’s decision not to include a sunset clause when increasing the business and occupation tax for MultiCare and Franciscan health systems very instructive.

We are told that increasing the B&O tax on these two large corporations should have a sunset clause as the city’s budget problems are only temporary.

I guess I missed this argument in March when the council voted to increase the sales tax by 0.1 percent and just recently approved a $20 tax on car tabs.

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TACOMA: City’s B&O tax discourages business

As a present and former owner of many Tacoma businesses, I’m glad to see a higher threshold for the city’s business and occupation tax was recently established (TNT, 12-2). It’s a good first step, but it’s only part of the solution needed to encourage further business growth in Tacoma.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I was looking for office space and a real estate broker suggested locating in Fife or areas outside of Tacoma because of Tacoma’s B&O tax. The negative impact of this tax is real.

I know Tacoma can’t afford financially to drop this

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