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COAL: Dust’s a threat, and that’s no myth

A letter writer (TNT, 3-17) reports that he never saw coal dust when he lived in Kansas and labels concern about coal dust “a myth.” He recommends identifying “who is pushing the agenda.”

A web search using just “coal,” “dust” and “ballast” will reveal that the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway has research from the University of Illinois that confirms coal dust fouls the ballast that supports the rails, destabilizes the track and causes derailments and that federal regulators have confirmed BNSF’s concerns.

Moreover, the proponent of the Gateway Pacific project near Bellingham has committed to following BNSF’s

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COAL: Exporting coal is a statewide concern

Re: “Coal train focus should be on local effects” (editorial, 10-16).

Even if you don’t care about the environment, the statewide economic impacts of the proposed coal terminals should be important to you.

Coal unit trains are proposed to travel through Spokane, along the Columbia River and up the I-5 corridor. Some of these rail lines are already near capacity. And we haven’t even begun to discuss the oil trains.

The federal government, using our taxes, spent $800 million to improve tracks in the I-5 corridor for high-speed passenger rail. Here’s the kicker: The public does not own the

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TRAINS: Don’t allow high-speed travel

The numerous recent deaths on Burlington Northern tracks in the South Sound must be addressed by the state Department of Transportation immediately.

It is no surprise that the vast majority of these deaths have been caused by Amtrak trains, which hurtle through our communities daily. Because they are lighter in weight and are allowed to travel through South Sound communities at high speeds they often seem to appear from nowhere.

Please know that when you hear these trains, it will be too late. Cross only at designated crossings, and stay away from the tracks.

It is always easy to place

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