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WALMART: Black Friday resistance is futile

Re: The proposed Black Friday boycott of Walmart.

I understand those who want to protest against Walmart because of perceived discrimination against workers, whether it be due to race or gender, or because of its impact on smaller businesses. But the fact is that Walmart is a major part of the U.S. economy. Boycotting Walmart, even if it’s only for Black Friday, will cause the company to cut wages, which will mean they’re lower than the workers are complaining they are anyway.

Ultimately, though, there won’t be enough to fully boycott Walmart because people will think since everyone else will

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HOLIDAYS: Reconsider how we ‘celebrate’

I love this time of year as much as anyone else. The tree lightings, carols and cookies are something I always look forward to.

Yet in all my anticipation there are certain parts of the holidays that I have come to dread: the advertising blitz that begins right after Halloween and arguments over how we should or shouldn’t celebrate. All of it makes me exhausted by Boxing Day.

Why have we let a season that celebrates the virtues of peace, hope, joy and general good will toward our neighbors turn into a mass-marketing frenzy extolling greed and inciting us not

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