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VOTER ID: What’s really behind the push?

Re: “It’s easy to avoid problems” (letter, 7-10).

First off, voters presenting ID is not in the Constitution. What bothers me most about these “voter ID” efforts (more than the voter-suppression idea) is that they are being attempted right before a presidential election.

Shouldn’t this major change to the way Americans have voted for at least the five decades I’ve been alive come in a well-thought-out, comprehensive plan? Also, shouldn’t this effort be started at the voter registration level? Shouldn’t some kind of a study be done to prove that this is totally necessary?

I find it very odd

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OBAMA: What’s really behind the skepticism?

Re: “Will skeptics accept birth certificate?” (TNT, 4-28).

This topic is hard to believe as a serious ongoing discussion. I was born in Japan of American parents, so I guess I never could become president. Maybe it’s the Hawaii thing, like it’s not really part of the U.S.

Actually that state has one of the highest rates of biracial marriages and kids. Looks to me this story is really about thinly disguised racism, and that large numbers of people just don’t want a black president with a black father and white mother.

Given our

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OBAMA: Birthers need to get real

Let’s say the rumors about President Obama’s non-American birth came up before the election (which they did), and let’s say they came to the attention of the White House watchdog, Vice-President Dick Cheney (which I’m sure they did).

Now, you’re the party in control of the country’s entire government resources, and somebody delivers a political morsal like that?

That rumor has been long ago vetted six ways to Sunday by the party in control. And I’m sure the potential for a paper trail embarrassment over the results was considered and addressed (read buried).

And, I think the potential for a

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GOP: Trump just confirms his buffoon status

Having recently jumped in the honey bucket with the birther crazies, Donald Trump only confirmed what many have known for years – that he’s a bona fide buffoon.

The time is long overdue to remind ourselves of Republicans’ attempts to change the Constitution so as to have allowed Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for president.

Most stunning is that the Republicans are not even remotely embarrassed by such blatant hypocrisy.


POLITICS: Birthers, Palin-haters should give it a rest

In the 2008 election, I didn’t vote for either Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin. I’m still hearing two groups mouthing off about the 2008 candidates.

One group is the birthers who insist that Barack Obama was born outside the United States, so he’s not eligible to be president. Well, the only reason that “naturally born” requirement if in the Constitution is because of the hatred Thomas Jefferson had for Alexander Hamilton.

Since Hamilton was born in Jamaica, Jefferson wanted to make sure Hamilton never got to be president, so the requirement for the office was added as a condition for one

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