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CLIMATE: Pope forgets about overpopulation problem

I was surprised to see that Pope Francis is concerned with environmental degradation and climate change (TNT, 6-19).

I agree with his critique of consumerism, irresponsible development and reckless pursuit of profits as factors contributing to destruction of the environment, but I see no mention of the root cause for all of these, which is obviously overpopulation.

Pope Francis has the power to make an enormous contribution to the problem of overpopulation: Simply issue another “papal encyclical” reversing the Catholic Church’s ridiculous prohibition of birth control.


ELECTION: Steve O’Ban is wrong about women

Re: “State Democrats fight Hobby Lobby ruling” (TNT, 10-3).

Women gained the right to vote with the 19th Amendment in 1920. Did anyone ever tell state Sen. Steve O’Ban this? His recent comment that birth control and the Hobby Lobby decision aren’t important issues for voters is either astonishingly outdated by a century or remarkably tone deaf.

Half of his constituents are women, and 99 percent of women in this country have used some form of birth control. This is essential preventative health care, not a campaign issue.

Women do in fact vote in the 28th District, and for

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ACA: It’s hard to make lemonade out of this lemon

The gist I got from the Viewpoint by Sens. Patty Murray and Barbara Boxer (TNT, 3-25) is that the so-called Affordable Health Act (ACA) is good because it forces all employers to provide full abortion services and birth control coverage.

Never mind that under the metastasizing implementation of the ACA, health-care costs continue to escalate for those who are not subsidized, more people have been dropped from their previous coverage than have signed up for the new, and coverage choices themselves have been excessively reduced at the expense of added bureaucracy and red tape.

Under their tunnel-vision logic, it

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ELECTION: Schlicher supports women’s reproductive rights

Elections matter, and 2013 is no exception. Voters in Gig Harbor and Kitsap County face a decision between state Sen. Nathan Schlicher and state Rep. Jan Angel. It’s a clear choice between living up to or abandoning our values.

Angel co-sponsored a bill that would criminalize abortion, even in cases of rape, incest and when the life of the woman is in danger. HB 1656 also would have made most forms of birth control illegal and could have made it a crime for emergency contraception to be administered to rape victims in the hospital.

Additionally, Angel opposes the Reproductive Parity

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ELECTION: GOP platform too radically right

After watching most of the Republican and all of the Democratic speeches from both conventions, I am amazed that everyone seems to be overly concerned about the economy and little else.

I’m retired, low-income (read poor) and I’m not worried about the economy nearly as much as what we may lose if the Republicans are elected in 2012. From their speeches it seems that the GOP wants women to be transported back to the 1950s, gays to just shut up and get back into the closet, and all minorities to quit being uppity and remember their place.

If the GOP

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BIRTH CONTROL: Humane way to curb population

Anyone who follows the news has, no doubt, noticed the very spirited debate on contraception – to use or not to use, to fund or not to fund. And after a month or so of charges and counter-charges – faith-based, secular and political – it seems to have ended in a stalemate.

Whether women gained additional rights or insurance-covered contraception, I’m not sure, but I do believe they won a moral victory. Daring to speak truth to power was courageous and, in time, I believe, will benefit all of us.

As fellow inhabitants of an overcrowded planet, we all face

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ABORTION: It’s time to reaffirm women’s reproductive rights

People who refuse to acknowledge the need for women to have access to safe abortions have their heads in the sand. Let’s be clear: No one likes abortions. But people like to have sex, and having sex leads to conceiving babies, not all of them desired.

The best way to prevent unintended pregnancies and abortions is to educate people about the consequences of having sex and to make sure they have access to affordable contraception – something, strangely, those who are most opposed to abortions don’t want to hear about, preferring to think people will magically give up on sex,

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BIRTH CONTROL: Religion doesn’t belong in politics or health care business

Re: “Hundreds protest contraception rule” (TNT, 3-24).

I am outraged by religious fanatics who want to impose their views on everyone else. Why can’t they wait for the afterlife for the rest of us to get our comeuppance? Why don’t they work on living up to their own principles instead of trying so hard to make everyone else abide by them?

Contraceptive and reproductive health care are services that women pay for when they buy health insurance. They shouldn’t have to pay twice just because they are women.

I would remind the religious community that churches are forbidden to

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