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ELECTION: Heed results and be respectful

The 2012 election has been an experience in class warfare. Many in the upper classes, being successful both economically and socially, voted to keep the traditional systems in place. Others, upset with their loss of jobs, savings and affordable education opportunities, and dissatisfied with the “holier than thou” aspects of American life, voted to move the country toward what they perceive to be a more even-handed system.

The divergence of these groups is not complete with both sides agreeing on many principles. We have to have incentives for good behavior, hard work and initiative, safety nets for the less fortunate,

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BIPARTISANSHIP: Congress’ Kumbaya moment

What a warm and fuzzy moment to remember it was when President Obama gave his State of the Union address on Tuesday, and some of the most hardnosed conservatives and liberals sat together for a “Kumbaya” (holding hands around the campfire) show of bipartisanship.

It was not a little unlike the moment in a boxing match when the referee calls the combatants to the center of the ring to shake hands before they go back to their corners and wait until the bell rings before they come back and try to beat each others’ brains out.

The charade reminded

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