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BILLBOARDS: Why oppose digital signs?

The Top 10 reasons not to support electronic billboards:

1. Peeling billboards better reflect Tacoma’s peeling image.

2. Tons of old billboard paper will fill unsightly landfills quicker.

3. No one cares about Tacoma being a “wired city” anymore.

4. We’re rather fond of the 178 billboards Clear Channel agreed to remove.

5. Wrap-around bus ads are more attractive and less distracting.

6. Nonprofit agencies should buy more expensive TV ads instead.

7. Nobody really cares about supporting local businesses.

8. People might think they’re drive-in movie theaters, creating parking hazards.

9. They will distract from electronic signs already being

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TACOMA: Keep ads off school scoreboards

Re: “Scoreboards will ring up ad dollars for schools” (TNT, 7-5).

Why does the chirpy headline about new corporate-sponsored scoreboards remind me of the Clear Channel billboard controversy?

Maybe it’s because in both cases, the assumption is that an inflow of money in these tough economic times is unquestionably a good thing, regardless of the costs of such corporate-driven media arrangements.

Let’s look at three points made about this proposal by the advocacy group Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, a national coalition of health care professionals, educators, almost 30 advocacy groups, parents and individuals who care about children.

As this

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TACOMA: Demand better from Clear Channel

It is unfortunate that Clear Channel Outdoor has taken such a backward position regarding billboards in Tacoma. Most readers probably don’t realize that this international company has been a leader in green Europe including setting up on-street bike-rental programs in such cities such as Barcelona and Milan as well as promoting sophisticated pedestrian-oriented signage and street furniture.

Abroad, CCO has show that it can be very progressive, developing a variety of different signage types including vertical signs that fit well with bus and transit shelters and pedestrian shopping streets.

Most of its more sophisticated-looking European signs are smaller static backlit

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TACOMA: Ban digital billboards

As the Tacoma City Council and the Planning Commission meet to discuss changes to the city billboard ordinance, I want to remind the council that they need to stand up for the citizens of Tacoma and bring about a significant improvement to the city’s appearance by strengthening our billboard ordinance. As you travel around the city, the sheer number of billboards is astounding. And the worst part about it is the number of billboards with no signage at all, just torn up bit of paper that makes our streets look like we live in an economically depressed area (e.g Detroit).

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SIGNS: City Council must think we’re stupid

Re: “Billboards on hold” (TNT, 5-18).

The Tacoma City Council wants to examine in a more thoughtful way how to handle the billboard issue. I would think that is what should have been done the first time.

I don’t feel that adding six months to the problem will help anybody but the members who plan to run for re-election. That’s right: Six months from now takes us past the November election.

I don’t believe this is a coincidence.


BILLBOARDS: City needs to fight for its citizens

The advocating for Clear Çhannel’s billboards by a City of Tacoma attorney sounds all too familiar. So does the reason for approval: fear of a lawsuit.

About a year ago, the city refused to enforce their zoning against Chabad of Pierce County in its effort to build a large synagogue on a tiny residential lot in the West End. The rationale? The city didn’t want to fight a lawsuit.

At some point, Tacoma officials need to stop worrying about lawsuits and need to start doing the right thing. Yes, even if that means being the masthead against zoning violations and

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BILLBOARDS: Citizens must make voices heard

A massive, cancerous growth is festering that directly impacts Tacoma’s citizens, threatening our personal health, safety, welfare and homes.

This monster blinds your eyes, invades your senses and even tells where to go, what to do, where to shop and eat – even what to think. It’s rooting itself in our community, disfiguring our cityscapes and degrading our residential neighborhoods. Once it invades, it’s impossible to eradicate.

The disease is Clear Channel Outdoor Inc.’s mega LED billboards, and they must be stopped.

Ironically, newly proposed these digital billboards will be even more nonconforming than what Tacoma suffers with already. No

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BILLBOARDS: Ban digital signs in Tacoma

The Tacoma City Council has struck a deal with Clear Channel to swap out some old billboards for several high-impact digital billboards to be installed throughout the city.

This is not a deal the council should have made for the populace of Tacoma.

One of the proposed billboards would be placed at the Intersection of Sixth Avenue and Division, directly across the street from my 1922 Historic District home, the Gray Gables building. It is in the immediate view of two churches and Jason Lee Middle Cchool.

This billboard would glow directly into our bedroom windows and would severely impact

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