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NSA: Bureaucracy is out of control

I had always learned that there were three branches of government under our constitution: legislative, judicial and executive. When did the NSA become a branch unto itself that ignores the constitution? Are our elected representatives so spineless or ignorant that they don’t care that parts of the Bill of Rights are being blatantly abused everyday?

We badmouth other nations that have secret police forces and yet our own government is doing the same thing, only on a worldwide scale.

The president’s supposedly “open government” sure got the door slammed shut in a hurry.


MARRIAGE: We don’t live in a theocracy

Over 200 years ago our country’s forefathers created a new democracy. In their debates they wisely rejected the concept of a theocracy. One only has to witness the civil wars today over different religious interpretations to appreciate the wisdom of that decision.

The forefathers also recognized that in a democracy, there is an inherent risk that the majority may enact laws that deny a minority of basic human rights that should be enjoyed by all people. Our nation’s Bill of Rights was a brilliant response to that risk. It ensures that the majority cannot deny a minority basic human rights.

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MARRIAGE: God’s law is not in question

Re: “God outlawed homosexuality” (online letter).

No I’m not gay, although that should not matter. In fact I don’t have any close friends or relatives who are openly gay.

I support everyone’s freedom to have their own personal prejudice based on race, creed, gender and sexuality, as long as they stay silly thoughts in their head. I realize most intolerance is religiously based misinterpretation.

Neither I nor anyone else can stop anyone from their ingrained bias and prejudice. I do find it particularly interesting that some actually pretend to know what God is thinking; I don’t know what my

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