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CATS: Beloved pets are decimating wildlife

Re: “Dial C for cat” (Bill Hall column, 2-11).

I normally enjoy Hall’s column. Unfortunately, this one is so far from reality that I must respond from a naturalist’s point of view.

To be blunt, cats directly kill 500 million wild birds a year in America alone. They also kill millions more indirectly. All the proof you need is to observe any meadow adjacent to a new housing development.

Before people and their cats arrive, a meadow is a healthy environment that provides much-needed habit and forage for birds. Before long (a few years) trees will have filled in

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BILL HALL: Selective criticism of majority groups in America

Re: “Maybe ‘Happy Holidays’ wishers are just being polite” (Bill Hall column, 1-1).

Modern day media is full of commentary that minimizes the concerns of members who identify with major social, business, political and religious groups. In their zeal to make up for both perceived and valid unfair treatment of minority groups, media forces expound their ‘politically correct’ rhetoric with abandon.

The underlying tone of this mindset is majority groups do not deserve consideration because, after all, they are the majority and they victimize minorities. In fact, much of the time the media make fun of members of majority

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BILL HALL: Surefire way to get patted down

Re: Bill Hall column (TNT, 12-11).

Sorry about your disappointment that no one wanted to search your body at the airport. I have the perfect solution for us and all saggy old men: Get a knee replacement as I did about a year ago. They’ll want you every time.

Since I got mine, I’ve been pawed over in Paris twice, Barcelona, Dallas twice, New York City twice and Seattle three times! Seemed like they wanted to get that “gag reflex” (or is it reflux?) experience over with asap.

So I’m thinking of creating a rating system for security inspectors. Instead

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