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ELECTION: Why wait to be taxed? Donate

I continue to be dismayed at the political television ads portraying Bill Gates Sr. and his support of I-1098. Then I read your article about the recent tax debate (TNT, 10-12), which states that Gates Sr. and Nick Hanauer are asking to be taxed, and that the “couple, three four million” they would be taxed is inconsequential to them.

I am underwhelmed by their seeming altruism, and I have a couple of questions: Why must they wait to be taxed? If they are so willing to give money for the betterment of our state, why not just go ahead a

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I-1098: Initiative takes step in right direction

Kudos to Bill Gates Sr. and Jr. for their efforts with I-1098. It’s also ironic that Bill Jr’s CEO, Steve Ballmer, has come out against this initiative. Maybe Mr. Ballmer should join the Gates clan by giving back to the society that allowed him to become a billionaire?

The arguments against I-1098 are bogus. Taking more money from entrepreneurs and business people will not crimp the state’s economic rebound because those people will create jobs when they have a need to do so and their personal tax rate has nothing to do with this. I also doubt anyone would refuse

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TAXES: Why I-1098 is not to be trusted

For some, instituting a state income tax (voting yes for Initiative 1098) may seem the best approach to solving our revenue problems. Bill Gates Sr., seems genuinely sincere that, since only a very small percentage of the population will be affected, the majority of voters should favor this method of budget balancing.

He takes great delight in asserting that our schools will be improved, our property taxes lowered and the B&O taxes reduced. He implies that none of the revenue will go to the “general fund.”

As a one-time resident of other states that convinced voters to allow gambling so

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