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WEINER: Sex scandals embarrass us all

I am so tired of hearing about elected public servants who can’t keep their pants on. How can we teach our children that our government leaders should be respected, admired and perhaps considered role models when we elect jerks like Anthony Weiner, John Edwards, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Clinton? These men are an embarrassment for all Americans. After all, we picked ‘em.

Warning to my candidates: If any politician I vote for gets caught up in a sex scandal, I will be the first one in line to picket your office, force your resignation and perhaps start a class action

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POLITICS: Both parties must share the blame

Many letters to the editor seem to want to blame one major political party or the other, but both parties carry a big share of the blame for the huge financial hole that the U.S. is now in.

Both deserved credit, however, for the huge paydown of national debt that occurred in Clinton administration budget years 5 through 8 (U.S. fiscal years 1998 through 2001), when Bill Clinton was working with a Republican Congress. Since January 2001, there has been a total lack of fiscal responsibility by both parties (eight years of Republican administration, two years of Democratic administration, six

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NORTH KOREA: Oops, lost my compass

I find it extremely difficult to believe that an English instructor (Aijalon Gomes) couldn’t maintain his compass and slipped, stumbled or fell into North Korea.

Were there no signs that he was close to peril? Was he texting? What was it he expected other than “Watch this!” notoriety?

Bill Clinton previously went after after two other lost sheep and brought them home. Now Jimmy Carter goes after another off-course lamb. No wonder we look like a nation of uncontrolled fools. But then Mom, Dad or some ex-president is always on hand to bail us out. Good grief!