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JOBS: Democrats have better job-creation records

Re: “Liberals lost the ‘War on Poverty’” (letter, 5-26).

The writer’s implied assertion is that conservatives are better qualified to eliminate poverty because they can create more jobs. Let’s look at the record.

Starting with Dwight Eisenhower, there have been six Republican presidents. The only one to have a sterling showing was Ronald Reagan. During his eight years, 16 million jobs were created. Richard Nixon was second, with 9.4 million. Both George W. Bush and his dad fell far short, with 3 million and 2.5 million respectively. Only 3.5 million jobs were created under Eisenhower.

Democrats have done much better.

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TRADE: Will US lose yet more jobs?

Re: “Give Obama authority to deliver Pacific trade pact” (editorial, 3-25).

I see the editorial board is getting its editorials from the land of make believe again.

Every time one of these sell-out agreements come around we see the same “trade liberalization … tends to create wealth by expanding markets.”

NAFTA destroyed millions of American jobs and businesses. It put thousands of small Mexican farmers out of business, forcing millions of them across our border.

Obama and his corporate allies claimed the “free trade” agreement with South Korea just a couple of years ago would provide economic growth and

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ELECTIONS: Supreme Court pronounces us an oligarchy

Re: “High court ruling lifts lid on campaign donations” (TNT, 4-3).

With the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to allow virtually unlimited campaign donations by the rich, this nation officially pronounced itself an oligarchy. Now we have a government owned and operated by a few private citizens whose corporations the court regards as “persons,” whose money the court regards as “speech.” We have lost our democracy.

These elites and their congressional shills aim to dismantle the progressive reforms of both Roosevelts, Kennedy and Johnson civil rights legislation, and the Great Society programs. They turn both working and middle classes into

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POLITICS: Baseball sets example for politicians

Professional baseball is far more honorable and ethical than professional politicians. Baseball has banned betting on games and the use of steroids and other performance-enhancing substances – and is enforcing the banned behaviors by heavy punishments, including career-ending expulsions (examples: Pete Rose and Alex Rodriguez – both the best in their eras).

There will be no more players betting on games or player use of banned substances. Baseball will be more honorable role models for our youth and remain our premier pastime. Hooray for baseball!

Professional politicians have only vapid rules or bans on illegal or immoral behaviors – and

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IRS: We’re all being targeted for taxes

The Internal Revenue Service accounts for about 33 percent of what our government brings in. George W. Bush increased the size of the federal government by about 33 percent, and let’s not even get into how much Barack Obama has increased government.

If we just went back to Clinton-level spending, we could do away with the income tax and the IRS altogether.

If you remember the state of our economy when Bill Clinton was president, things were pretty good. People had jobs, the stock market was growing and food was a lot more affordable. Gas was only about $1.50 a

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ELECTION: Next president won’t be a Democrat

Surprise, surprise, surprise! The News Tribune has endorsed Barack Obama for president (editorial, 10-24). I would have been shocked if it didn’t, since it has endorsed a Democrat for president for at least the last 20 years (Bill Clinton (twice), Al Gore, John Kerry, Obama, and Obama again).

The News Tribune endorses Obama because it says we are better off today than four years ago. I beg to differ. More Americans are out of work today than there were four years ago. Our national debt is much higher than four years ago. Our take-home pay is lower than four

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OBAMA: Re-election prediction misses mark

Re: “5 reasons why the president will win another term in November” (TNT, 4-29).

Aaron David Miller’s commentary was amazingly dishonest.

• He writes: “Americans are re-electing imperfect and flawed presidents.”

Miller’s believes that those who won re-election – Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush – were not “very top tier” presidents but goes on to rate “Clinton clearly above average. That’s about where Obama falls.” So a president who cannot run on his record in office is rated as “above average.” Go figure.

•He writes, “Obama has history on his side.”

No, he does

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DEBT: GOP actions increased uncertainty

Re: “Obama’s the problem, not the rich” (letter, 12-3).

The blame for the recession and the extremely slow recovery rests squarely with the leadership of congressional Republicans.

The U.S. economy is consumer-driven. It thrives on “confidence” and tanks on “uncertainty.”

Let’s go back to the President Clinton era. It was a time of higher taxes and balanced budgets, which resulted in confidence. A net 21 million jobs were created. The economy was humming. In 1999, Clinton had a $250 billion budget surplus. He wanted to put the entire amount toward shoring up the Social Security trust fund.

Uncertainty set

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