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WAR: Where’s coverage of pro-peace efforts?

The regional economic powerhouse, the Department of Defense and its contractors – the “Military Industrial Complex” (MIC) – employ many thousands in our region, putting bacon on the table for a large percentage of families. So it is easy to understand why The News Tribune and other regional newspapers give substantial news coverage and deference in support of the MIC. However, this is not balanced and objective news reporting.

Many members of local and regional anti-war and anti-nuclear arms peace organizations, including Pacific Life Community and Pax Christi Tahoma, recently held a retreat that included a presentation at the University

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NUKES: Keeping us safe from the Bichsel gang

I feel safe now. Billy Bichsel and his gang have been rounded up and convicted of trespassing, conspiracy and destruction of government property.

If Bichsel (82 years old) gets away with this, 70-year-olds may be stirred to rebellion. He formed his gang – a priest (60), a nun (84), a schoolteacher (67) and a social worker (60). This bunch used bolt cutters to gain entry into a sensitive area and remained there for 41/2 hours before being apprehended.

They were forced to wear sacks over their heads to deny them sight of nuclear weapons. Just think if they

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