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COUNTY: Make rules for bikini baristas

Re: “Councilman considers rules on bikini baristas” (TNT, 1-26).

The Pierce County Council is considering putting conditions on the female employees who wear next to no clothing while working in area coffee stands. I sure applaud this action and support it totally.

I don’t patronize these places. However, just passing by them and noticing the suggestive signs and the young women serving coffee is not what I want my community promoting.

Those who work as dancers at strip clubs have to pay for background checks and special licenses, so why not the same for baristas who bare their bodies?

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FEDERAL WAY: City has bigger problems than baristas’ attire

Re: “Federal Way to vote how much skin bikini baristas can bare” (TNT, 9-21).

The Federal Way City Council amended a law to protect the citizens from viewing something offensive. Have they taken a good look around town lately? The least of their concerns should be the attire of coffee vendors.

If a barista in a skimpy bikini is a misdemeanor, then an overweight woman in Spandex surely must be a felony.