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TACOMA: Bike lane law not being enforced

Five years ago, I was excited when the Tyler Street renovations were completed with new bike lanes. I thought it was a great improvement, especially where students could feel safe commuting by bike to Grey Middle School. Little did I know installation of these bike lanes would not come with law enforcement.

The City of Tacoma prohibits parking in bike lanes and has a hotline to report violators. However, the majority of the bike lane parking violators are parents at Grey Middle School from 2:30 to 3 p.m. During this time, cyclists have to pull into traffic or avoid opening car doors.

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TACOMA: Streets deserve to be first priority

Re: “Roads need repair, and mayor has plan” (TNT, 2-26).

Tacoma roads’ decades of disrepair demonstrate the perpetual unwillingness of political leadership to prioritize basic responsibilities. Now they want to penalize us with the “opportunity” to give them more money.

As daily bike commuter, I see waste regularly. There was a bike-the-waterfront day in which several Tacoma police officers were paid to regulate traffic, freebies were given away, paid city staff were on hand, etc. How many unfilled potholes did that cost?

New bike lanes have freshly painted arrows pointing into the pothole that ate Cincinnati. A car hit me

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TRAFFIC: Bike lanes aren’t for pedestrians

I have had it! Nearly every other night, my husband relates how someone is walking or jogging in the bike lane in which he is riding his bike.

These bike lanes are clearly marked by the universal bicycle symbol. On a recent evening, a woman was walking south on Grandview Drive, facing traffic. This was an area that also has sidewalks that she should have been using. She, like most of these bike-lane walker/joggers, did not move out of the bike lane when my husband approached on his bike. She selfishly stayed in the bike lane, forcing him out into

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