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ECONOMY: Private sector is today’s feudal class

A recent letter (TNT, 5-6) made the case that we have entered a new feudal system, with large corporations being the new overlords. I agree with the writer’s assertions – to a point.

The original feudal system was composed of the major nobility, the minor nobility, the serfs, down to the slaves. The only class that was actually producing wealth was the serfs. The remainder of the structure was living on the wealth extracted from them. The legend of Robin Hood, who took back from the tax collector and returned the wealth to the people who produced it, was the

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GOVERNMENT: Big Government is the enemy of democracy

Our founders were determined that power could never be focused in a central government. The Constitution lays out a definite pattern of checks and balances between the branches of the federal government, with explicit limited power in the executive branch. They were well aware of the corruption that flows from power too narrowly focused, leading to tyranny. Primary power was vested in the hands of the people and the states.

Our founders suffered immense personal peril to escape from the tyranny of big government. The new government was carefully planned to ensure freedom from government intrusion. This led to success

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