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TACOMA: Why is section of bike lane closed?

Is Tacoma a bike-friendly city?

On North Yakima Avenue and other sections of the city, work is underway to fashion a piece of the “bike boulevard” that eventually will stretch from South 96th Street on South  Park Avenue, across downtown, past Wright Park to North 26th Street and all the way west to Pearl Street, mostly on North Yakima and 24th streets.

Bike boulevards are low-speed streets that are optimized for bicycle traffic. Tacoma’s Mobility Master Plan includes transportation options that are designed to allow for reduced risk of conflict between fast-moving cars and slower and smaller bicycles and pedestrians.

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TACOMA: Bureaucratic pothole opens up in Proctor

Re:”Proctor’s bike-rack bureaucracy tests patience of local Boy Scout” (Larry LaRue column, 5-22).

The Pacific Northwest Shop’s request to have a bicycle rack designed and created by a person from the Northwest seems more than reasonable. The Proctor District Association’s (PDA) denial of the permit seems less so.

Bicycle racks have many uses and purposes: They make shopping convenient for riders, encourage others to ride, make sidewalks safer for pedestrians, demonstrate a commitment to exercise and are an affirmative way to reduce our collective carbon footprint. In this case, the racks were an expression of Zach Quellette’s artistic talent

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CYCLISTS: Tacoma needs a bicyclist anti-harassment law

Anybody who rides a bicycle in Tacoma knows this is not a friendly town. Broken traffic-control devices cause serious, often dangerous, problems. Roadway design flaws and roadway neglect cause other dangerous problems.

The city needs to work more aggressively to fix these problems. Left-turn arrows need to respond to bicyclists, and roadway drainage grate slots should not align with the flow of traffic.

Most of the outright hostility, however, comes from motorists who have not yet accepted that cyclists have as much right to be on the road as motorists do. Threats, profanity, angry honking, passing too close, cutting off,

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