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MARRIAGE: Traditions evolve with passage of time

For those concerned about the end of “traditional” marriage by allowing gays and lesbians the right to marry, why don’t we consider other marital traditions we have ended?

In biblical times, it was routine for rulers like King Solomon to marry hundreds of women and have a harem of concubines as well. Should we bring back polygamy?

For most of our country’s history, women were considered the property of their husbands, and people of different races weren’t allowed to marry. Should we bring back coverture and miscegenation to honor those centuries-old “traditions”?

Or should we get real and recognize that

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MARRIAGE: Traditional marriage passing away

Re: “Wedding signals a sea change” (TNT, 8-14).

How did we get to the place where a homosexual wedding is front-page news?

Could anyone have ever predicted that the time would come when we would be debating what is and is not a marriage? Debating if the fundamental husband and wife part of a marriage is constitutional? Debating if the fundamental father and mother part of the family is constitutional?

Is marriage and the family as we have known it passing away right before our eyes? For some time now homosexual radicals have demanded that their behavior receive more

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MARRIAGE: Christians’ faith is tested

The issue of gay marriage tests the faith of Christians.

All Christians know from Genesis 2:24 and Mark 10:1-9 that marriage is a covenant from God between a woman and man. At least they should know this.

Christians who compromise on this issue fail the test.



MARRIAGE: Morality bred out of many Americans

Re: “A vote in support of R-74 affirms God’s creation of diversity” (Your Voice, 7-17).

Every civilization in history has recognized that God’s instruction for marriage is an essential pillar of society. But much has happened since God first ordained the institution of marriage.

Amidst the decline of sexual mores, the “enlightened” in this country have declared war on traditional marriage. There are now many that believe God’s instruction for marriage handcuffs their personal “freedom.” Christians are now labeled as monsters for rejecting the idea to undefine marriage. Sadly there are now many in this country who are more

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MARRIAGE: Bible citations getting tiresome

I am tired of hearing the opponents of gay marriage cite the Bible as their reason for opposition. In the Bible, God endorses a man having multiple wives and concubines. It is also in the Bible that if a woman is widowed and has not had a son, she is to marry her brother-in-law. And a man who has raped a woman is to marry said woman.

I hear no outcry for civil law to mirror the Bible on these issues of marriage. If you don’t like the idea of gay marriage then just say so, but don’t try and

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MARRIAGE: Bible reading can be illuminating

I applaud two recent compassionately Christian articles (TNT, 5-20) regarding homosexual civil rights and unions.

I suggest we actually read the Bible, while understanding it’s a modern translation of ancient Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek into modern terms.

First, there was no Hebrew word for homosexual. English-language biblical translation of “sodomy as homosexuality” was a 20th-century creation. Historically, biblical sodomic references were to sex slaves, temple orgies, male prostitutes and pedophilia, plus idol worship, gang rape and malevolence toward strangers and impoverished in Sodom.

Also, heterosexuals with sudden gender confusion (Paul, Romans 1), are paralleled with non-Christians. But condemnation of consensual

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MARRIAGE: Christians wrong to assimilate with cultural trends

Re: “Christians must base belief on Bible, not culture,” (letter, 5-11).

After reading this letter, I was very encouraged. Not everyone may agree with how one lives their life, but I really appreciate one thing the writer mentioned: It is wrong that Christians are assimilating with cultural trends.

As a Christian, I find it hard to find Christians who truly know and follow the Bible. In my opinion, the Bible is a stepping stone of faith. If you’re a professed Christian, you should know the Bible and why you’re a Christian.

It is very encouraging to see someone not

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MARRIAGE: What else the Bible says

Re: “Sin is never acceptable” (letter, 5-25).

When I hear people quoting the Bible to support “traditional” marriage as always being between one man and one woman, I wonder about the other things the Bible has to say about marriage.

For example, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had multiple wives, concubines and slaves. Then there is the admonition for a younger brother to marry his older brother’s widow. Of course, girls were routinely given in marriage without their consent, and the wives of conquered tribes were considered “spoils of war.”

Jesus had nothing to say about same-sex unions, but he

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