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WOMEN: Here’s something else Parker doesn’t remember

Re: “Reflections on the half-century of ‘The Feminine Mystique” (Kathleen Parker column, 2-13).

I have great respect for Parker, although we generally live on different sides of the political spectrum. She may in fact not be old enough to remember the “bad old days” of the 1950s and ’60s, when jobs were advertised in the newspaper under separate column heads as “Help Wanted-Male” and “Help Wanted-Female” – and they meant it.

Women were paid less than men for the same work, on the grounds that “a man has a family to support” – regardless of whether the man actually

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WOMEN: Friedan right on ‘Feminine Mystique’

Under the guise of a “tribute,” columnist Kathleen Parker excoriates Betty Friedan, whose “Feminine Mystique” did not, in fact, merely plead the cause of “rich, educated women” (TNT, 2-13).

Parker is probably old enough to remember when girls couldn’t deliver newspapers, married women couldn’t be airline “stewardesses,” female medical students were steered into pediatrics/gynecology, and many a dad who bragged about his daughter’s academic accomplishments nevertheless arranged (as mine did) for her to study shorthand and typing as a “fallback.”

During an earlier era, women helped out on the farm and in family businesses. During World War II, many

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