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SCHOOLS: Bethel pride needs to be restored

Formerly known as Bethel Junior High, we’ve stood loud and proud for the past 54 years. With a culture and history that stood out from the rest, Bethel was the place to be, with amazing athletic programs, outstanding academic scores, a thriving arts department, and spirit that graced the school and everyone around it. Students and staff enjoyed their time together and were united as one. We were the best.

Then came the 2012 school year. We were renamed and a new identity established. With the presence of new administration, things were anything but “improved.” The pride of being an

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BETHEL: Levies worth price of weekly grande mocha

When breaking down both the propositions for the Bethel School District, it appeared to the blind eye the amount asking for both measures was $5.05 per $1,000 of assessed value, when in reality the combination of both will only be an increase of approximately $1.54 per $1,000 – an annual increase of $154 per $100,000.

Proposition 1 is an existing levy we are already paying for. For my house of $185,000 I will need to trim $21.75 per month from my budget, or one grande mocha per week. That’s a small price to pay to ensure kids get the same

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EDUCATION: Federal program has shown its value

Re: “Efforts boost college success for low-income and minority students” (Katie Baird column, 5-23).

While complimenting worthy programs like the College Success Foundation and Palmer Scholars, Baird’s column unfortunately is misleading when discussing the effectiveness of federal college-access programs like TRIO and GEAR UP.

Baird refers to a recent policy brief, “Time for a Change: A New Federal Strategy to Prepare Disadvantaged Students for College,” which cites a Mathematica Policy study that has been disavowed as “seriously flawed” by the very Department of Education staff assigned to monitor it.

TRIO has been a vital part of college access and

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BETHEL: Teachers smoking sets a poor example

At a school in the Bethel School District, I have witnessed staff smoking several times a day not 25 feet from where kids are unloaded. They are on school property in view of students.

I contacted the school and was told that if the teachers are outside the gate they are not on school property, which is incorrect; the school district has signs on the property up one block and around stating that it is school property and no trespassing is allowed.

These employees are smoking on school property and in view of children. Teachers need to lead by example.

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BUSES: Pierce Transit has a trick up its sleeve

Tacoma, once known as the City of Destiny, may get a new title if Proposition 1 passes: City of Highest Destination Sales Tax.

Yes, it’s true: Pierce Transit has a trick up its sleeve, and it’s no treat for Tacoma.

In 2011, voters rejected Prop. 1, but Pierce Transit went back to the drawing board. It took all the precincts that voted down Prop. 1, 106 in all, and cut them out of the taxing scheme but left all the precincts that voted in favor.

If Pierce Transit’s bewitching little brew gets past voters, it will also cost hundreds of

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BETHEL: Transition proving overly disruptive

Re: “Many changes in store as school begins” (TNT, 9-2).

The article is about the Bethel School District transitioning its grades 7-9 junior high schools to grades 6-8 middle schools. The article stated that mostly freshmen and sophomores from Graham-Kapowsin High School would be attending classes in a barricaded wing of Frontier Middle School. This is, in fact, not true.

The students attending classes at the middle school are almost entirely juniors and seniors. The desks at Frontier were not created with junior- and senior-sized people in mind. Also, with the wing blocked off to the rest of the

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BETHEL: Why redirect school bond money?

At its Tuesday meeting, the Bethel School board approved giving the Bethel Learning Center $700,000 of Bethel School District’s taxpayer-approved bond money to build a couple classrooms and kitchen across from  Bethel Junior High), even though the Bethel School District is making the change to a 9-through-12 high school next year. Graham-Kapowsin High School will be near 1,800 students.

Bethel School District’s highs schools are in need of additional classrooms, gym space and field space to accommodate the change to a 9-through-12 high school. Currently Bethel High School’s weight room is in a portable; Spanaway Lake High School and Graham-Kapowsin

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BETHEL: Travel policy had a tragic result

The money crunch and resulting decisions made by the Bethel School Board seem to have resulted in the tragic automobile accident involving Graham-Kapowsin High School soccer players Clara Vallone and Maryssa Beare (TNT, 9-23).

Apparently the Bethel School District implemented the policy in 2008 that student athletes will not be transported by the school district to athletic events that occur after 5 p.m. if they are within the school district or the adjacent Puyallup School District.

This tragedy is the perfect example of why the team members for all high school sporting events must be transported by adults, authorized

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