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ELECTION: Who is really the honest one?

Re: “Does honesty make any difference?” (letter, 7-12).

How a single subject can guide some through life is beyond me. But the story about the Benghazi attack has so consumed some on the right that not even the House Intelligence Committee (HIC) led by Republicans can convince those so consumed by ideology that it happened as reported by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the CIA and then U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and as reported to the people by President Obama.

One only has to read the report from HIC Chairman Mike Rogers, a staunch Republican and adversary of the

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ELECTION: Does honesty make any difference?

If I asked people whether they would vote for a dishonest politician, I’m sure they would say absolutely not. Yet millions of Democrats are willing to vote for Hillary Clinton when she played a role in President Obama’s Benghazi cover-up, which was essentially a lie.

We already know Barack Obama hasn’t been truthful with the American people. Remember the shovel-ready jobs, the promise that you could keep your health care plan and al-Qaida is on the run? All untrue.

In the case of Benghazi, former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta told the president within hours that the attack was in fact

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CLINTON: Missing emails raise disturbing questions

After all the assurances from Hillary Clinton that she turned over all of her job-related emails to the State Department, I read (buried on page 12 of The News Tribune, 6-26) that, in fact, that was not true.

In response to a subpoena from the committee, Sidney Blumenthal, a longtime confidant and adviser of Clinton’s, handed over about 60 copies of emails he had exchanged with her concerning the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya. He was not working for the State Department at the time those emails were exchanged. The House committee has not been able to find 15 of

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BENGHAZI: Little reporting on GOP findings

For several years, the Republicans have been blowing the horn about “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi” in an attempt to indict our president for events with that terrible terrorist attack on our diplomats on Sept. 11, 2012.

But lo and behold, by a report of a committee chaired by none other than Republican hawk congressman Darrell Issa, we now know that a predominantly Republican investigation found no intelligence failure in the Benghazi attacks.

Indeed, the Republican-led House Intelligence Committee concluded that the CIA and U.S. military responded appropriately to the attacks on U.S. facilities in Benghazi and dismissed allegations that the Obama

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BENGHAZI: Blame-gamers have selective memories

Do my Republican friends blame Ronald Reagan for the deaths of 200-plus Marines in Lebanon?

Do they blame George W. Bush for the 3,000-plus deaths on Sept. 11, 2001?

They do blame the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi on President Obama.

These deaths can be blamed on failure of the intelligence community and a dedicated and trusting ambassador who ventured into a hostile location without adequate security.


ELECTION: If not Hillary, then who will run?

The mainstream media and progressive political pundits have already created a slobbering love affair with Hillary Clinton and have anointed her as the guiding light of the Democratic Party in 2016. She is out blabbing about her new book, appearing on every talk show, putting herself in the spotlight and talking like a presidential candidate. Yet she has not announced her intentions.

The question is: If not Hillary, then who can it be? Joe Biden? He’s a walking, talking gaffe machine. Harry Reid? They’ll need a corkscrew to bury him because he is so crooked. Elizabeth Warren? She is too

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BENGHAZI: Where is the mainstream media?

Scandals come and go. Some are here to stay. Benghazi is one of them. Four Americans died in a terrorist attack on our embassy in Libya. The Obama administration has announced it will not cooperate with a congressional investigation. This is outrageous and should insult every American. This administration lied to us to get re-elected.

Where are ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC? The only news outlet covering this is Fox. Even The News Tribune avoids covering this story. There was a three-paragraph minor story buried on the back pages. It was generic and carried no weight or significance. The

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BENGHAZI: Emails point to political cover-up

Remember Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012? It was six weeks before a hotly contested presidential election for Barack Obama. Four Americans were killed including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Susan Rice, United Nations ambassador, went on five major news talk shows to assure the American people this attack was a response to an Internet video and not a terrorist act. After all, both Obama and Vice President Joe Biden campaigned with the slogan, “GM is alive and bin Laden is dead.” This was a blatant lie and produced to protect Obama with no reference to his foreign policy failures.

New emails

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