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ELECTION: Romney’s just another rich guy

Re: Mitt Romney’s “unique qualifications” to be president (letter, 10-31).

Romney and Bain Capital may have brought forth several new businesses, but they are all low-wage businesses. Romney and Bain closed many good manufacturing business and sent them overseas. Go to Toys R Us, Sealy, Sports Authority, etc., and look were their products are manufactured – mostly in China (with toxic levels of lead); very few are made in the United States. The jobs at Dunkin’ Donuts, Domino’s and Burger King are not career jobs.

People like Romney shipped all the good jobs to foreign lands. Romney is just

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ELECTION: Obama campaign is blowing smoke

Since the economy has been in the doldrums with 8.3 percent unemployment, millions underemployed and millions more who have given up looking for work, it appears President Obama has given up touting his job creation. Instead, he and the Democrats have decided to attack Mitt Romney’s business record.

They accused Romney of outsourcing while at Bain Capital. FactCheck.org found no evidence to support the claim.

They accused Romney of managing Bain after he left to run the Olympics based on Securities and Exchange Commission filings. The Washington Post fact checker found no evidence to back up these claims, saying the

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ELECTION: Romney’s character in question

Given the information we have so far about the two major party candidates for president, it is pretty easy to assess the difference in character.

While there are some similarities – for example, both are devoted to their wives and families, both are people of faith and they both seem to be physically fit – there are shocking divergences from that point.

Mitt Romney has shown that he is willing to lie on many occasions; he changes course on a dime, his spokesman announced that it’s like an Etch A Sketch when resetting the campaign for the general election. The

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