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ELECTION: No details of Romney’s magical plan

I almost fell off my dancing Olympic horse and had to quit counting my kazillion dollars saved in taxes by stashing my money in offshore tax havens* when I heard Mitt Romney detail how he is a champion of the middle class at Wednesday’s debate.

Oh, except there were no details other than a tired rehashing of trickle-down economic theory, which has never worked.

Romney may as well have chanted “trickle down, trickle down” for the duration of the debate, with a chorus of “state’s rights” as a special carrot for the tea party.

Romney is apparently saving the details

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ELECTION: Mitt Romney, the 47 percent man

Who are these 47 percent people Mitt Romney talked about? Could part of the 47 percent be men like myself who got drafted in 1966 to go to Vietnam, while Romney in 1966 was described as a “minister,” and the federal government deferred him for 30 months while he went to France and converted souls to Mormonism? After that, Romney got several other deferments, and he ultimately never went into the Army.

Could the 47 percent people be the hundreds of employees at KB Toys, one of which was in the Westside Mall? Bain purchased KB Toys for $302 million.

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