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GUNS: Unsecured guns increase suicide risk

On the Monday after the recent Tacoma Dome gun show, a psychologist colleague said two of the patients seen that day – both diagnosed with PTSD and significant anger issues - had purchased guns at the gun show. When asked about the background check, both reported that none was required. Whether a background check would or would not have prevented the purchase can be been debated. What cannot be debated is that these individuals have increased their risk of suicide.

By far, the majority of those individuals suffering from mental health issues are not incapacitated or incompetent or irrational. These individuals do

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GUNS: No safety in background checks

Re: “GUNS: An early gift to Tacoma’s mothers” (Letters, 5-11).

Mothers need to understand that background checks required by I-594 will not protect our school children. The background checks required in I-594 will only provide false security, and would not have prevented any of the recent school shootings. The background checks required in I-594 will only result in inconvenience to law abiding citizens, increased costs because of the cost of the checks, increased handgun registration and, above all, no increase in safety. And, certainly will not prevent lawsuits.

The criminal or individual that desires to do harm if denied a

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GUNS: An early gift to Tacoma’s mothers

Closing the gun show loophole at the Tacoma Dome and other city-owned properties was an early Mother’s Day gift for all Tacoma moms. Now is the time to ensure that background checks apply to all of Washington.

As a grandmother of three, I want them to live in a world that is as safe as possible. All children have the right to feel safe at school. Since Newtown there have been 40 school shootings.

I am a retired school counselor and licensed mental health counselor who has worked with families who have lost loved ones from gun violence. No mother,

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GUNS: All gun sales should be vetted

Yet another writer defends uncontrolled access to guns in America (letter, 5-9), reiterating the argument that we should “put the bad guy in jail” instead of making new laws that would put “good people” in jail.

I presume he means those good people jailed for selling guns without vetting the purchaser. Gun owners should be able to sell guns to anyone they please without being encumbered by concerns that the purchaser is a raving lunatic bent on visiting death upon, say, kids in the local elementary school.

This is absurd. The writer and the NRA rant about enforcing existing

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GUNS: Hidden agendas in proposed legislation?

Lately many letters have appeared criticizing lawmakers stating “90% of Americans favor background checks, why didn’t they do anything?”

As an owner of firearms and a proponent of the rights of law-abiding citizens to own firearms, I will say that I and most people I know do not oppose background checks before transferring a firearm to a non-family member. However, many of the bills introduced, both state and federal, had clauses deep in their text that included restrictions on ownership and bans on particular styles of firearms.

I’m sure a bill that addressed only the checks, and nothing else, would

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LOBBYISTS: Of course money can sway votes

Re: “$200,000 to entertain lawmakers in 3 months” (TNT, 5-3).

This one sentence becomes the main narrative of what lobbyists and Washington politicians want to leave you with and hope you believe it: “Both sides are adamant that there is no expectation that a dinner or beer will lead to a favorable vote.”

A person with just a sliver of understanding of how politics work in America knows full well the No. 1 goal of lobbyists is to sway votes. And within that sliver of knowledge is the understanding that those dinners parties and alcohol-plying, back-slapping get-togethers do in

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GUNS: If Congress can’t act, we can

Re: “If lawmakers duck background checks, voters must act” (editorial, 4-30).

I thought this editorial was a reasonable call to action to the overwhelming majority of citizens who are in favor of basic gun regulations but sit silently at home.

There is a very passionate and organized group of Americans who truly believe that their best defense against tyranny and crime is a firearm. While I sympathize and share the same fears, I do not believe that simply saturating a society with lethal capabilities is the most thought-out and efficient way to alleviate those fears.

I am a combat

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GUNS: Background check is just common sense

Re: “Gun background checks may see ballot” (TNT, 4-29).

Asking for a background check on someone who is trying to purchase a gun seems like common sense. I am unsure as to why one would be opposed to such a thing in the first place.

I don’t know whether it is the fear of being on a “government list,” in which case I do not believe that the government is so weak that it needs people to buy guns to create some sort of list. If the government wants to track a citizen down, it has the power to

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