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WORK: Over-55 feel forced to work longer

Re: “More older workers have reasons to hold onto jobs” (TNT, 1-15).

While the article did say that there are a great many reasons why we stay, did anyone even ask, “Are you happy to be staying?” I see more than a 12 percent increase of the over-55 working today than I did 10 years ago.

The article did not draw a line between the increase in the over-55 working and the decrease in 25-to-54 working. That’s because we are stuck in their jobs. Because health care costs have increased dramatically while retirement benefits have decreased even more, we

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BOOMERS: Millions are sandwiched caregivers

Re: “No surprise they’re selfish to the end” (letter, 9-18).

What a pitiful commentary on the part of the letter writer who thinks the baby boomer generation owes him compensation for whatever reason that he has failed to gain for himself economically or financially.

He goes on to state that the baby boomers are selfish and responsible for the debt imposed on the next generation and are spending their children’s inheritance. What contract is that under?

The writer should know that millions of baby boomers not only help take care of their children and grandchildren financially, but in many

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BOOMERS: No surprise they’re selfish to the end

It’s hardly a surprise that baby boomers aren’t interested in leaving an inheritance to their children (TNT, 9-15). Since this generation is almost entirely responsible for gigantic deficits and debt loads, why should they concern themselves with leaving their children anything to pay for it?

This group of “I want it, and I want it now” toddlers has learned nothing from the financial destruction they have wrought. They are completely unconcerned about the fact that subsequent generations will struggle to experience any of the luxuries they have come to think of as a birthright.


GEORGE WILL: Blame the boomers

Solopsists. Narcissists. Sentientists (new word). George Will never seems to tire of putting all of society’s ills at the feet of those born between 1946 and 1964 (column, 5-12).

George W. Bush. John Boehner. Chris Christie. Haley Barbour. Jim DeMint. Tom Coburn. Narcissists all.

Charles Krauthammer. Kathleen Parker. Paul Gigot. Rush Limbaugh. Tony Blankley. Bill O’Reilly. Obvious solopsists.

Cal Ripken Jr. Nolan Ryan. George Brett. They probably think the world began when they became “more or less sentient.”

Mari Maseng Will. Mole?

I think it’s wise for Will to blame an entire class of Americans for everything that offends him.

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BOOMERS: Column verges on ageism

Re: “Boomers’ ‘second adolescence’ being put on hold” (Froma Harrop column, 1-28).

Harrop suggests the need to reconsider what retirement means. Definitely useful information. That is where this column ceases to be useful.

She paints baby boomers as self-serving hedonists whose main concern is the opportunity to spend the second half of life playing. Baby boomers, Harrop states, should “remove their big rear ends from the jobs that young people want,” a view reminiscent of the disengagement theory of aging, dismissed decades ago as reductionistic and ageist.

Despite the financial devastation boomers have faced (along with others), many boomers still

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