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GUNS: Lessons from Kennesaw and Harvard

Kennesaw, Ga., is the antithesis of a gun-free zone (a target-rich environment). A 1982 ordinance required all households to own and maintain a gun. Crime dropped dramatically. Today, Kennesaw’s violent crime rate is only 15 percent of the national crime rate (cityrating.com) and 12 percent of Tacoma’s. Kennesaw has been murder-free for decades.

The Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy studied the issue worldwide. It found that gun ownership has an inverse relationship to crime. Luxembourg, where guns are banned, has a murder rate 10 times that of Germany, where the are 30,000 guns per 100,000 population.

In the

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SHOOTING: Don’t give so much publicity

I support the First Amendment, but damn the free press. If it “bleeds-it-reads,” and the blood flowed in Colorado. Accordingly, the press finds itself in an orgasmic moment.

What sicko, seeing all this attention accorded one of their own, would not want the same? How long will it take for a repeat? Why can we not relegate this “news” to a middle page?