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ELECTION: Troy Kelley will be excellent auditor

State Rep. Troy Kelley has the knowledge, experience, integrity and temperament to replace Brian Sonntag and be an excellent state auditor.

I have served with Kelley for six years in Olympia as a fellow state representative and have seen him in action numerous times while we worked together on both the House Audit Review and Oversight Committee and the Legislative Audit Committee. He exactly knows the type of performance improvements government agencies must accomplish in order to eliminate waste and improve citizen satisfaction.

Kelley will bring his extensive military and business leadership to this office and help all state agencies

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ELECTION: Kelley supported for state auditor

After reading your article (9-7) describing the allegations against Troy Kelley raised by his opponent, I was upset. I worked with Kelley in the private sector and even wrote the letters reimbursing his reconveyance clients – and sent out the reimbursement checks.

I have worked with many different people and companies in the private sector, and I know that Kelley maintains the highest integrity and moral standard. As someone who has worked with him and knows him personally, I know that he will make a fantastic state auditor.


ELECTION: Constituents a top priority for Kelley

I read the letter to the editor (TNT, 7-16) which stated that state Rep. Troy Kelley does not respond to constituents, and I was personally offended.

As Kelley’s former legislative assistant, I know firsthand how hard he worked to respond to everyone. In fact, when I was hired the first thing he told me is, “I respond to every constituent.” And he verified this by the shear time and effort he put into his constituent services.

The 28th Legislative District is diverse, and people do not always agree, but Kelley took time to listen, discuss his views and build

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ELECTION: Troy Kelley best qualified for auditor

I appreciate you taking the time to scrutinize important down-ballot races like the state auditor’s (editorial, 7-10). I think your analysis of the candidates was prescient. I appreciated your focus on their credentials and the downplaying of hyperpartisan candidates.

The Republican vastly overstates his suitability for office. He is now an “independent” expert in audits, but two years ago when he ran for Congress he was a tea partier and an expert in federal energy policy, never once mentioning audits. The other Democrat has no audit or management experience and appears to be an extreme ideologue as well.


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